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add more set slots to inventory

Authoradd more set slots to inventory
Only 10 set slots for artifacts are definitely not sufficient, considering the max inventory size can be ~180 with all the additional buildings. At least 5 more or even 10 more would be good.
How are you using 10? Ordinarily I use about 3.
How are you using 10?

For regular uses:
1. poor: for easy battles like hunts
2. WG: for WG battles
3. TG: for TG battles
4. poor wizard set: for easy magic battles (brigands, army MG battles)
5. full wizard set: for magic battles

For sorting rare arts:
6. magma set
7. adventure set
8. heaven set
9 unity set
10. great ocean set

I still have dark set and great stalker set that cannot be sorted. And I'm not a rich player at all.
Not rich?. My inventory size is 40 and I still rent artifacts. I don't even have one complete artifact set
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