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I am a bigoted racist and illegal immigrant, my name is ChongK-AMA


AuthorI am a bigoted racist and illegal immigrant, my name is ChongK-AMA
Hey guys, you can ask me anything, I will be as honest as I can be as a bigoted racist who lives to eat poop...my name is ChongK.
mr chong K are you actually malaysian/chinese ?
No master igles, my parents sent me through a boat with 200 other illegal immigrants from Phillipines to Americas, where I now work in a fast food kitchen because i failed to graduate.

My family was kicked from Singapore to Phillipines originally though
Hey chongK, do you think peoples lives still have value if their elo is low in CG? And you asked me once if my country starts with I. Its the jews you hate the most huh? You meant isreal right. Kanye Chong should've been ur profile name its way better. Or maybe thats what the K was for all along.
This is a bit unnecessary
One more question how will you respond when I inievatablt beat you in CG.

for Acean:i think people are just tired of getting called dumb or racist stuff in their CG if you happen to be in a bad matchup with the guy
We had a CG where he went afk first 6 turns or so and we still won me and the other guy carried it. And i didnt flame him. And he was super nice that day. But the second we might lose one dude transforms into hitler
Note i just made a few bad plays he actually went afk in iur first match. Just funny how he'll be the nicest guy in the world to you when he makes your gameplay bad but if you mess up he throws a fit
for bobsrevenge999:
No, my fast food work has resulted in me hating humanity and I plan on becoming the first illegal SSS officer. Anybody with elo below 1000 does not deserve to live in my great burger flipping opinion.

I dont just hate jews, i hate Indian, Israelis both in equal amount, I travelled in harsh condition on a boat to reach my dreamland and do drugs and get money for it, but people from these countries are the ones earning more than me and I have to serve food to them, it is unfair.

K is for reminder of the man who assaulted me all the time, it is there so my hate never lessens. He was my uncle and still assaulted, Infact, now that i am a great illegal here, I hate my family in Philippines too
for bobsrevenge999:
you cannot beat chongk in CG, this game is all I have in life, sorry gtg, manager is shouting for more burgers
for All-Father: oh that makes sense. I mean if it Ain't america it Ain't worth a damn am i Right chong K. I mean besides germany of course. You like them, right?

Oh i know i will beat you one day. Like that first game we played together and you went afk i know duty will call and your boss will make you put birhers first.
Burgers first*

I do have some advice for you now though chong K, since you answered all my questions. if you moved to Russia where you would be right near the servers for this game I think you might actually see your own turn quicker giving you a second or two more to think about the optimal move every turn. I think these extra few seconds could make an huge difference in your ultra high elo matches that are basically like chess anyways
Im watching you cbong K. Im gonna watch when ypu que up for commandsrs guild and if im on your team im gonna make questionsble plays and if im not ill use the burger strategy where i stretch every turn so duty calls and you afk to make burgers.
for bobsrevenge999:
I want the leftover SSS officers to recognize I am an honoree officer and equally racist and a big liar, i made you believe I am from Philippines when actually I am Malay, but rest of the stories are true

My soul ancestors (the SSS) have taken over America already you just dont know, Heil (cannot reveal the current leaders name), but I know once they recognize i am just like them they will help me from my dead end job
for All-Father: oh for surez i actuslluy heard trump had a cabinetn position for you but that could just be runours
I find it hard to comprehend when people are rude to one person in an attempt to highlight how the other individual had been inappropriate.

It simply doesn't work, it just shows that those posting the same things are no better.

Two wrongs do not make a right. This is not maths.

If you want to relate to each other in this way, please find a discord for yourselves, do not sully us all with your repugnant words.
I have to say i agree with miles but then again there is the primal urge to watch dumpster fires.
for Lord MilesTeg:
It’s not about better/worse. It’s show respect = get respect or vice versa
The thing with that logic is that when neither of you treat each other with respect, you just it to justify continually being rude to each other. This leads to no path out of conflict.

If you always treat people with respect, irrespective of what they do, you leave no path to conflict.
for Lord MilesTeg:
I completely agree with you, but as a bigoted racist and addict, I chongK Declare, I am incapable of respecting anyone
This is just cringe, personal feuds don't belong in the forum
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