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high roller automated card tournament

Authorhigh roller automated card tournament
20k buyin or pick your number!
I don't really get what this post is? You want an automatic card tournament?

This would have 50/50 win lose, take off golden card, rake etc. = negative EV
this is wrong !!

if you are good at cards your winrate is above 50%, up to around 60%

it's not negative EV because bad players play. i am 5 mil up in cards, that's not through luck but by it being +EV to play.

using your logic there's no point in every playing poker because the odds are stacked against you.. now yeah on paper this may be true, but, you can beat the odds with a skill edge and consistently profit. it's not like roulette where your ability is mostly irrelevant!
the point is, all the automated card tournaments are low buyin.. why not have 1 or 2 a day that are really expensive to join, because it would be fun and exciting and also easy to implement.
There was a misunderstanding, by automated you mean the official card tournaments, not a card tournament where there is no player input
oh yeah correct, i mean the auto-generated ones that run already.. no player input would be lame!
It won't be practical to have a tournament with very high entry cost, because there'll be very few people who will be willing to join.

Although it could be fun if it's a special event that only happens once in a while, and have it announced some time beforehand to increase the hype of the tournament.
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