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[Rent][Inventory Space][5g per art per day]11.27, 07:451Naycien11.27, 07:45, by Naycien
[Service][Hunter assistance CL10][Free]10.26, 19:0511ANTI-hacker11.04, 19:54, by ANTI-hacker
[Rent][inventory space][6g per art per day]10.27, 17:438ANTI-hacker11.04, 19:52, by ANTI-hacker
[Service][Mercenary for Facility Attacks and Defense][1000 gold per battle]10.28, 14:574#7490Lord spiral-doom11.01, 06:41, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Exchange][Resourcesand elements]10.23, 15:481Bheem10.23, 15:48, by Bheem
[Rent][inventory space][10g per art per day]10.22, 06:341Stephen Clark10.22, 06:34, by Stephen Clark
[Rent][inventory space][15g per art per day]10.19, 10:191cyberclops10.19, 10:19, by cyberclops
[Rent][Inventory Space][15 per art per day]10.07, 17:502a100810.08, 13:41, by a1008
[Buy][Elements]10.04, 15:444#7490Lord spiral-doom10.08, 10:13, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Rent][Inventory Space][20 per art per day]10.03, 12:121#5390hozz10.03, 12:12, by #5390hozz
[Sell][TGI][520k]10.02, 06:212#9595Elvian10.02, 14:15, by #9595Elvian
[BUY] [elements]09.20, 09:421cyberclops09.20, 09:42, by cyberclops
[Buy] [Elements]09.07, 18:592#7490gonlador09.08, 02:39, by #7490gonlador
[Buy] [Elements]08.20, 09:381Konan_D08.20, 09:38, by Konan_D
[Buy][Elements]08.07, 08:451Stephen Clark08.07, 08:45, by Stephen Clark
[Buy] [Elements]07.28, 14:562Konan_D07.28, 22:11, by Konan_D
[ Services] Graphic works07.27, 22:502DimkaMan07.28, 00:02, by ElfPride
[sell] [exchange][TGI] [512.5K] [partial payment in elements accepted]07.26, 13:482nytyn07.26, 15:39, by nytyn
[Buy][Elements]07.17, 14:321Hiltrud07.17, 14:32, by Hiltrud
[Buy] [Elements]07.01, 18:251Konan_D07.01, 18:25, by Konan_D
[Exchange][Resources]06.10, 13:228The One Ring06.14, 16:27, by ElfMoon
[SELL][TGI]06.11, 17:351BloodyOrchid06.11, 17:35, by BloodyOrchid
[Buy][TGI][525k]05.24, 13:231Dark_X_Shadow05.24, 13:23, by Dark_X_Shadow
[Buy] [TGI]05.24, 12:401#7490shubhamwolf05.24, 12:40, by #7490shubhamwolf
[Service][Clan Stats][5000g+ / month]05.05, 08:406Lord SpeedOfSound05.14, 20:38, by Wonderla
[Rent][Inventory Space][50 per art per day starting price]03.30, 10:587K5isback04.03, 16:59, by K5isback
[Buy] [Elements]03.20, 00:0415Skoczek04.02, 10:48, by Skoczek
[Rent][Inventory Space][Starting at 50 per art per day]03.24, 17:193K5isback03.26, 16:39, by K5isback
[Buy][TGI][520k]03.15, 20:122Lileth03.15, 20:12, by Lileth
[Rent][80 gold per artifact 1 day)03.08, 16:052Lord richies03.09, 16:22, by Lord richies

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