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[Buy][Moonstone][4400/pcs]02.09, 19:521Nowar02.09, 19:52, by Nowar
[Buy][TGI][480k]02.04, 02:151#7705Crestomvnosec02.04, 02:15, by #7705Crestomvnosec
[Sell][Orichalcum][11015gold]01.27, 12:504JianCheng01.29, 04:13, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Sell][TGI][488k]01.16, 20:081Mycroft01.16, 20:08, by Mycroft
[Sell][1% Lizard Lowland license][34999gold]01.10, 13:482seanckx01.11, 05:16, by seanckx
[Sell] [1% licence Mithril Coast] [40k]01.06, 15:463Sheamus01.08, 15:42, by Sheamus
[Sell][TGI][460k]01.07, 13:442PLaY LikE a PRO01.08, 06:47, by PLaY LikE a PRO
[Buy][East River License]01.03, 17:552#7490Luffy01.04, 12:23, by #7490Luffy
| sell | Cube of Vitality12.18, 18:021Lord KelThusad12.18, 18:02, by Lord KelThusad
[Buy][Elements]10.27, 14:451#7490Luffy10.27, 14:45, by #7490Luffy
[SELL][TGI][485k]10.14, 11:001a100810.14, 11:00, by a1008
[Buy][TGI][480k]10.09, 19:351Tantrik10.09, 19:35, by Tantrik
[Buy][Elements]10.06, 19:151#7490-Necro10.06, 19:15, by #7490-Necro
[Sell][Elements]10.06, 03:141Obergon10.06, 03:14, by Obergon
[Help][Quests][Free]10.05, 10:151awesome130910.05, 10:15, by awesome1309
[Buy][TGI][490k]10.04, 11:082#7153Shaddomancer10.04, 17:15, by #7153Shaddomancer
[Trade][Mage disciple artifacts for thief invite]09.16, 17:431#8160lord fallen09.16, 17:43, by #8160lord fallen
[Sell][Wolf Dale estate 6*][6.3kk]09.12, 15:102grandemajestic09.12, 15:11, by grandemajestic
[Service][Hunter assistance CL14>=][Refund gold]09.01, 03:5410Gaara09.09, 08:22, by Expert_BOT
[Buy][TGI][485k]09.06, 17:451#1209Santremus09.06, 17:45, by #1209Santremus
[Sell][East river estate License][57k gold]09.03, 17:352#1209barbmaster09.03, 18:49, by #1209barbmaster
[Rent][Inventory Space][5g per art per day]08.31, 10:561a100808.31, 10:56, by a1008
[Buy elements][Good Price]08.22, 17:392Zer0_kun08.23, 23:35, by Wertz
[SELL] [TGI]08.05, 13:041Milkshot08.05, 13:04, by Milkshot
[Buy] [TGI] [480k]07.30, 21:461Ahamezu07.30, 21:46, by Ahamezu
[Sell][Beastbane arrows][0/15][50g]07.25, 16:582mlodypistolet07.25, 21:27, by mlodypistolet
[Sell][Beastbane band] [0/14][90g]07.11, 13:352mlodypistolet07.11, 15:05, by mlodypistolet
[Sell][Cube of Strength] [0/50][100g]07.08, 19:271mlodypistolet07.08, 19:27, by mlodypistolet
[Rent][Humor][5k]07.04, 20:307MarineBiologist07.08, 02:36, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Buy] [TGI] [485k<]06.18, 22:131UH KNIGHT06.18, 22:13, by UH KNIGHT

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