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  Roulette bets total: 18,301
  Roulette winnings total: 14,000
  Combats fought: 325
  Victories: 261
  Defeats: 64
  Games played: 0
  Victories: 0  
  Defeats: 0  

     #7381 Dragon Alliance

  Knight: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Necromancer: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Wizard: 4 (225.49) +54.5
  Elf: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Barbarian: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Dark elf: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Demon: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Dwarf: 0 (0.00) +20.0
  Tribal: 0 (0.00) +20.0

  Hunters' guild: 3 (207.92) +192.1
  Laborers' guild: 3 (467) +253
  Gamblers' guild: 0 (0) +10
  Thieves' guild: 0 (0)
  Rangers' guild: 0 (0)
  Mercenaries' guild: 0 (0) +50
  Commanders' guild: 0 (0.00)
  Watchers' guild: 0 (0.0)
  Adventurers' guild: 0 (0) +1600
  Leaders' Guild: 0 (0) +80.0
  Smiths' guild: 0 (0.00) +30.0
  Enchanters' guild: 0 (0) +104 (+)
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Personal info
i play on same ip with my husband son brother and best friend of my husband the characters are :
cremion (husband) xarmon( best friend) xenotoca( brother) raine (son)we know the rules we support eachother with gold or items if asked but we dont just give it to eachother ( they have to pay interest to me im jewish :) )

totaly agree on this all below found it on angels account:
My second char is AngelofMagic. I am so disappointed by the game rules for wizards that I needed a second char to really play the game. Yes, wizard has no future in spite of being a good hunter. A wizard needs to pay double for his arts in comparison with a knight or barbarian, then needs even much more gold for miniarts, soooo much that goes beyond ridiculous. Then, his/her gargos do make only 1 damage (like peasants!), golems has a fantastic speed so don't count too much on what remained of them, magi are useful most in the first 3 rounds of the battle, but only if they survive. After that, they have to take care not to suicide their own troops. Genies? well, they are ok, but too less. In other words, if you want to be a wizard, think twice! It's clear the rules of the game are AGAINST wizards.

I am known as Angel of Light and Dark in other online games.

I do NOT give any gold to those who help me hunting and I do NOT expect anything from those I help. If you want gold for helping in hunt then DO NOT help me. STAY AWAY!

The best joke ever can be found in the FAQ of the game:
"Q: How do I earn money in game?
-bla bla bla
-engaging in hunting neutral monsters and receiving gold they were guarding."
This is funny because since the AP system started one should spend more gold hunting with weapons rather than earning. Just calculate pls how much you spend for losing 1 durability of your weapon and you will understand.

Other "interesting" fact in the game: selling some new artifacts like Hunter shirt, Hunter glove, etc you get 42 gold. But repairing it  
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