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#7121 Kingdom of Hearts

 75 heroes

 » Leader: JeveragJettison

 » Recruiter: xManiacx, Lord Someon3, darmogathel
 » Chronicler: dejavukah
 » Herald: maestro_mr, Lord Ganz, Lord Someon3

 » Clan page: http://kingdomofhearts.ucoz.com
 » Log


We are heroes who searching , glory and honor it's not the only purpose.
We came from far away to this land of promise solely to find friendship and fellowship.
Whoever you are and wherever you come from, together, you will never fight alone.
What use is the worldly kingdom to those who carry the kingdom in their hearts?
Complete us and put the kingdom into your heart. Put it with the most joyful way.
Expect Emotions within the rules of Heroeswm's world.

We are welcome everyone to this Kingdom where all are friends.
Please send 1000 gold to sandygee or leader to be sent invitation. Donations to clan are welcomed.
Activities will be held among each other to claim artifacts, gold and title.


Rank Title

» Overseer (site admin)
» Emperor
» Grand Prince/ Grand Princess (> 150 points)
» Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess (100 points)
» Archduke / Archduchess
» Prince / Princess
» Duke / Duchess
» Marquess / Marchioness
» Count / Countess
» Knight

NB: Grand Prince/ Grand Princess and Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess can't be evicted from this kingdom forever,
no matter what happen :)

Rank Requirements:

- Count of Hearts or Countess of Hearts........... : 05 points.
- Marquess of Hearts or Marchioness of Hearts. : 10 points.
- Duke of Hearts or Duchess of Hearts.............. : 20 points.
- Prince of Hearts or Princess of Hearts............. : 40 points.
- Archduke of Hearts or Archduchess of Hearts. : 80 points.

* Donation: Every 1000 Gold get 1 point.
* The one who reach combat level 6 will be promoted as Count/Countess if he/she hasn't been promoted yet,
if he/she has already been promoted then he/she will gain 5 points.

>>> Clan's council (9):
sandygee,xManiacx, dejavukah, eependi, akulho, Adebayor, maestro_mr, Ganz and Someon3.

***** NO routine fee --- TAX FREE *****
Increase your rank to earn full benefit and priority from our hearts.


Repairsmith : F4bz (Level 4)
Weaponsmith : dedengkot (level 0) : Lawfer (level 1) : flik_kenni (level 2)
Armorsmith : iron_eagle (level 3) : (ViennaElle)
Jewelcrafter : Yur4uk (level 4) : Wete (level 0) : Jeverag (level 3)

>>> Maximal for each is 3 persons and one person can only fill one position.
Names in brackets will be available in future when they reach level 6 :)


Kingdom's rank depend on your donation or participate in clan activities. Thanks

* KOH's Mentor Adding Program (MAP).
Contact Adebayor for help.
* Weekly Hearts Quiz (HQ) with prizes - status: pending.
* 2 Face KOHEL (Kingdom of Hearts Electronic Lottery).
Contact Someon3.

please check clan's forum for update. you don't want to know what you could miss
"to be continued"

1.Offline Wete 7 [Emperor] Wizard of Oz 
2.Offline JeveragJettison 14 [Crown Prince] Placid Nyx 
3.Offline Lawfer 6 [Count] Justice Stream 
4.Offline sandygee 6 [Council Duchess] Overseer of Tartarus 
5.Offline dharma87 6 [Count] Struggle ArT 
6.Offline HanHan 8 [Count] Great Shaman of Elf 
7.Offline brokenphantom 6 [Knight] Man in Back 
8.Offline xManiacx 10 [Council Count] c0ld_h34rt 
9.Offline Ryuhou 8 [Grand Duke] Half-Blood 
10.Offline Yang11 7  
11.Offline Necromentjret 4 [Knight] Master of Diarrhea 
12.Offline flik_kenni 9 [Count] 
13.Offline ViennaElle 6 [Grand Duchess] Chief of Sacred Heart 
14.Offline Arjuna_01 7 [Count] Sky Cruiser 
15.Offline dejavukah 10 [Council Count] 
16.Offline wizzard81 10 [Count] Protector of Rivendell 
17.Offline prekzz 5 [Knight] Aji 
18.Offline eependi 12 [Council Count] 
19.Offline robinwilliam 9 [Countess] 
20.Offline Lord iceboy 8 [Count] 
21.Offline Yuen1st 8 [Knight] The Last Knight 
22.Offline Lord Vizard 6 [Count] 
23.Offline Allure 8 [Marchioness] 
24.Offline #7382grahaaa 10 [Marquess] 
25.Offline Lord Dreamliner 6  
26.Offline Lord dedengkot 14 [Count] DemonLord Apprentice 
27.Offline akulho 12 [Council Count] 
28.Offline #5349ComArthur 9  
29.Offline hellsign 5  
30.Offline jcfanz 7 [Count] 
31.Offline #7365Lockon 10  
32.Offline be69y 6 [Marquess] Famine The Black Horse 
33.Offline Tyki 8 [Count] 
34.Offline Hyaken 7  
35.Offline F4bz 8 [Count] 
36.Offline cahcilik 8  
37.Offline Lord enel 10 [Count] 
38.Offline #7365Lord Adebayor 9 [Council Grand Prince] * 
39.Offline Lord thilk 9  
40.Offline friag 8  
41.Offline nortbird2 6 [Count] 
42.Offline #4201aRU 13  
43.Offline maestro_mr 12 [Council Count] 
44.Offline Lord Ganz 11 [Council Count] 
45.Offline jambronk 9 [Grand Duke] * 
46.Offline Lady sakurazaki 9  
47.Offline MinG-007 9  
48.Offline Avriljo 9  
49.Offline shj_y2k 8  
50.Offline wolfsrain 9  
51.Offline king_jalu 6  
52.Offline HeinrichFaust 10  
53.Offline Lord -ARDY- 7  
54.Offline Furqan 9  
55.Offline dJorsh 6  
56.Offline #4201cakur 14  
57.Offline Semsensei 7  
58.Offline Lord Someon3 14 [Count] 
59.Offline Suzakuryuu 9 [Marquess] 
60.Offline d_phantom 12  
61.Offline TheSlims 9  
62.Offline Lord beast1 6  
63.Offline Muamba 10  
64.Offline sarief 11 [Grand Duke] * 
65.Offline darmogathel 10 [Adipati] Garuda di Dadaku 
66.Offline ngloco 6  
67.Offline prawan 8  
68.Offline samblex2 9  
69.Offline R1zuk1 6  
70.Offline Joe_Sandy 8  
71.Offline survive 10  
72.Offline _TheShaman_ 14  
73.Offline ababil 7  
74.Offline Faaiz-elf 7  
75.Offline #9595ArwenEvenstar 14  
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