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  #7167 Elite Heroes of India
 54 heroes

 » Leader: Poison Ivy
 » Deputy: eddy_immanuel

 » Recruiter: Niranjan
 » Herald: Niranjan

 » Log

#7167 Elite Heroes of India, is an ancient gathering for mighty and skilled players in the game.
We are the group of people who want to have a friendly community.This clan is open not only for Indians but for all.As it's the real quality of Indians, they are friendly and are ready to accept everyone who respect their country and culture.
Whoever wants to interact with us and have fun with us is welcomed here.

-=Entry Requirement=-

•Minimum Level: Combat Level 5 or more
•Must Be a Main Character [if you change main to alt report it, so that your new main will be added free].
•Must Have a Clean Transfer Log.Blocked char will be remove from time to time.
•Must Be an Active Player [You will be evicted if you are offline more than 12 months]

-=Clan Membership Process=-

Clan Entry Fee: 1111 gold (Recruiter Fee: 500 Gold rest is for clan )

Send the gold to any of the recruiters and then send a private message about the transfer.
If any member recommend you this clan do tell his name to the recruiter in the PM.


-=Clan Rules=-

•We Follow the rules of LWM
•You must be respect other clan members by any means.
•Your conduct to other players must be fair.
•You must be an active member of our clan.
(Any member breaking these rules will be evicted from the clan)

Advantages Of Joining:

•No clan Tax or forced donation.
•Clan Loan for members :Disabled Now
•Communicate in our own clan window in any Indian or official English language.
•Interact with other members and have fun.
•Get special discounts by skilled craftsmen.
•By being in our clan you get a safe atmosphere and you won't feel lonely.

-=Crafting Services=-

Repair Art:

•Dionysus:repairs 90%in 110% of repair cost(instead of 120%, 10% discount)

Enchanting Weapon:


-=Code Of Conduct=-

>All clan members are requested to refrain from using bad words,swearing and insulting other members anywhere in the game.Members failing to observe this clause will be fined.
>Gold or other type material begging is not allowed in Clan.

Note : Any player who wishes to report unsuitable behavior of our clan member should report to the clan leader with the clan member's clan number, mistake and other required things to be told.

1.Offline #4201speed_dragon 11 Old Leader 
2.Offline imsunny 14  
3.Offline Lord deadlyking 13  
4.Offline Poison Ivy 17 New Leader#, Bangalore,India 
5.Offline gowtham 11 Tamil Nadu 
6.Offline rockguy 12  
7.Offline Lord Saptarshi 12 West Bengal 
8.Offline freeradical 11  
9.Offline #9595Santremus 18 Bangalore, Karnataka 
10.Offline Arkapal_11 12 West Bengal 
11.Offline shubhamwolf 14  
12.Online #7705Lord evil_devil 17  
13.Offline cyberlord 12  
14.Offline Malitos 12  
15.Offline _TheShaman_ 14  
16.Offline Dbest 11  
17.Offline Roars-Of-Night 10  
18.Offline Topseh 14  
19.Offline SachinNarayan 11  
20.Offline Dionysus 18 *Clan smith & clan enchanter* 
21.Offline Stupefy 13  
22.Offline #9595Niranjan 17 Mangement (Herald) 
23.Offline beast 8  
24.Offline barbarian_orge 10  
25.Offline Pankaj_Kalra21 15  
26.Offline #9595Lord thanderbolt 11  
27.Offline #4201Lord DarkAtom 11  
28.Offline ANTI-hacker 11  
29.Offline #7279TraumatizedSoul 6  
30.Offline ayush20 15  
31.Offline Pravin J 9  
32.Offline #9595eddy_immanuel 17 Management Coucil :) 
33.Offline Knight Walker 12  
34.Offline Sir Jedi Knight 20 "A Noob from A&D." 
35.Offline heroegles 10 "UP" 
36.Offline MithleshW 6  
37.Offline #9595legend-bouc 15  
38.Offline minku1208 12  
39.Offline Fk-u 10  
40.Offline codename 7  
41.Offline aryan5399 10  
42.Offline DragonsWrath 6  
43.Offline utkarsh99 9  
44.Offline kingshan 8 Roorkee, Uttarakhand 
45.Offline defeater 9  
46.Offline -_NO--NAME_- 13  
47.Offline guddiguddi 6  
48.Offline Lord_Maxi 10  
49.Offline Vhonglala 8  
50.In combat #9595rohanarora 14  
51.Offline pkris 10  
52.Offline mike210 7  
53.Online yashu12323 16  
54.Offline #9595BALAJIFORYOU 11  
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