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#7265 The Elite Spawns

 25 heroes

 » Leader: Gaurav22

 » Recruiter: Lord Pentagon, Silent1
 » Herald: Misti, Eviltitan, Lijo, Lady Takesister

 » Clan page: http://www.eliteclans.ucoz.org/
 » Log


We are the troop of heavily skilled warriors who want to share their expertise with junior cadets and help them be the best.

We are here for creating great warriors,excellent hunters and reliable partners.

This clan also works as an VIP lounge for our friendliest clan #167- The Elite Heroes of India.
Those golden objectives that an apprentice follow to become a warlord:
"Zest to conquer,fervour to flourish and perserverance to perform."
The conditions that someone need to fulfill to become a member of this clan are:
•Level 3 combat level
•Unsuspectable transfer log
•Clan entry fee payment
•Active participation in the game.
(You could also enter for free if you have guardian rank in Elite Heroes of India

If you have guardian rank in elite heroes of India then you are invited for free
Is the fee so much?!! (or 2000 gold on invitational basis only,Please do not ask us..You will be asked if worthy )
We are taking it for just one time and it's finished you have pay for one time and enjoy forever.
Since,every good thing in this game needs money so we have done this.
•Follow the rules of lordswm
•Your conduct to other players must be fair.
•You must be an active member of our clan.
•You must promote sportsmanship then just winning.
(any member breaking these rules would be thrown out of the clan)
•No tax would be collected.

•Communicate in our own clan window.

•Enjoy daily quizzes with prizes.

•Take special training from top players of this game.

•Make a powerful striketeam with your friends.

•Monthly tourneys.

•Get discount from skilled craftsmen.

•Feel proud for getting special titles and rewards from the clan.
For every good deed to your clan you get skill points,the reputation lvls are as follows:

•Warlord:5000 Points:Gets a place in clan administration,titled as Lord of __ (anything you want) 2 Master hunter artifact.

•Centurion:3000 Points:Master hunter artifact,Access to special forum,10% of a smith's repair cost paid by clan.

•Nobel:2000 Points:2 hunter artifacts.

•Legionnary:1500 Points:A hunter artifact

•Scout:500 Points:100 gold as reward.

•Infantory:100 Points:A good beginning.

•Laborer:0 Points:Your reputation is NIL Increase it!!

•For every 20 gold donated you get 1 point.

•For every player recruited you get 25 points.

•For every tournament you win you get 500 points.

•For every quiz question answered you get 10 points.

•For every hunt record you break,you get 250 points.

•For every lordswm tourney win you get 1000 points.

•For every group battle or hunt won with your #265's clan mate you get 25 points.

•For every 1000 gold you pay to our clan blacksmith you get 20 points(you paid,your responsibility to inform about that to me)

•If you lease TGI from our clan TGI renter you get 250 points.

•Do visit our clan chat room there you could find a personal space to chat with your fellow clanmates

DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER IN OUR NEW CLAN FORUM: http://www.eliteclans.ucoz.org/
•china_blue99-Repairs 90% for 120% of repair cost{Max smith}
-For clan members:90% for 110% of repair cost.
•Shaddar-Repairs 60% for 75% of repair cost.


Want to control the travelling routes? Want swipe the enemy to half before he/she acts ?Then be a thief.For being a thief contact to:


1.Offline Misti 9 Laborer(0) 
2.Offline Lord Daeron 12 Laborer(0) 
3.Offline singh_vicky 8 Laborer(20) 
4.Offline #7365PheonixHunter 9 Laborer(20) 
5.Offline #7365ipslne 14 Laborer(0) 
6.Offline Lord Pentagon 9 Laborer(0) 
7.Offline #7181Lord lukeman56789 10 Laborer(10) 
8.Offline TysonPercy 7 Laborer(0) 
9.Offline bigmouth 6 Laborer(0) 
10.Offline #7279Eviltitan 12 Laborer(0) 
11.Offline PrashanthDaniel 8 laborer(0) 
12.Offline Arkapal_11 12 Infantry(130) 
13.Offline Lord heman 7 Laborer(10) 
14.Offline ---anshuman--- 5 Laborer(77) 
15.Offline #7705Lord Saptarshi 14 Infantry(260) 
16.Offline Lijo 10 Laborer(0) 
17.Offline Anmol 8 Infantry(100) 
18.Offline jordan1 11 Infantory(310) 
19.Offline Mistcloud 8 Laborer(0) 
20.Offline Gaurav22 10 Leader of a Republic 
21.Offline Lady Takesister 12 Laborer(10) 
22.Offline Folkin 10 Laborer(25) 
23.Offline Yuvraz 16 Laborer(0) 
24.Offline ForestFighter 10 Laborer(0) 
25.Offline Silent1 14 Silent 
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