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#7273 Elite Skilled Assasins

 41 heroes

 » Leader: Lord metroguys

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Welcome to Elite Skilled Assasins.
ESA is the new home of the "FSP Building Battles".
These battles will be conducted to allow players to build their low faction levels.
Currently seeking suggestions from new (or existing) members who have a similar goal.
A troop limit, FSP level and AP could be designated for each group battle.
This would allow members to cheaply advance their low faction levels.
Also hunt assists will be encouraged for those who wish to use this clan as a method.
All members would follow these rules or risk expulsion...

ESA is currently seeking active battle hardened warriors.
Joining fee: 1000 gold (join fee shall increase after 50 members)
All donations gladly accepted.... but not expected.
When funds permit some prizes shall be allocated for events.

Once upon a time there was a silent group of the most Elite Skilled Assasins...
They were instructed by a huge rug loom from which they deciphered the script of the most ancient language ever discovered. These assasins were to change the future possibilities for all worlds with their every thought and action...

You as an Elite Skilled Assassin will take your orders and abide by the LOOM OF FATE!

The LOOM's orders:
There is neither pride nor honour to be found in those who cheat or lie.
You will display good sportsmanship at all times and never intentionally AFK.
Whenever possible a member should assist another ESA in need.

NOTE: ESA is currently seeking a clan Thief Invite any person able to provide one shall become a much loved and celebrated member of our clan.

-------CLAN SERVICES---------
This section will be updated shortly with more offers from new members...
(members of ESA may advertise their rental/repair/enchant services here)
offers are available to all ESA members. :)

-------- REPAIRS ----------

merlin36: <1000 cost - free, 1000+ = 30% (for 30% repair)
limustudotcom: 90% repair for 110% cost

-------- ENCHANTMENTS ----------

MRHELLRAISER (best weapon enchanter in game):
Weaponsmith: 10 (10000) +2000
4 x 10% enchantments
Free for all members.

-------- RENTALS ----------
Good offers for our clan mates that will give u the edge in any battle.

-------- cantbstopped ---------
Special rental offers for clan members of #273 Elite Skilled Assasins.
Contact him for details...

mention naked mongolian bareback donkey riding midgets when joining for bonus...

1.Offline Lord metroguys 13 Hardend bounty hunter 
2.Offline xero55 7  
3.Offline sydjim 10 ELITE DONKEY WRANGLER 
4.Offline Beryl_The_Great 13 Australian midget donkey wrestler. 
5.Offline Lethos92 11  
6.Offline Winged_Wizard 11  
7.Offline #7153Lord MrHellRaiser 11 ELITE SKILLED ASSASIN Best weapon enchanter in game ! 
8.Offline warhero123 10  
9.Offline #7153Lord Reziden 10  
10.Offline Sudden_Death 15  
11.Offline okakrismawan 8  
12.Offline Lord coolahead 5  
13.  #9595merlin3617 Leader of #720 The Dawn of the Phoenix 
14.Offline Lord pasha1342 7  
15.Offline #7153DragonFlayer 12  
16.Offline sydneyjim 8  
17.Offline JeveragJettison 14  
18.Offline bye97 8  
19.Offline osa1sa 8  
20.Offline Quiet_Rage 8  
21.Offline LyriKillz 5  
22.Offline Emilis96 10  
23.Offline WoodBox 17  
24.Offline nima_cruel 13  
25.Offline Lord AkashKing 9  
26.Offline Loft1983 12  
27.Offline #7490kakan 15  
28.Offline Topseh 14 ***ANIMATED AVATAR ONLY FOR 500 GOLD*** 
29.Offline JustTuna 9  
30.Offline skywalkergr 6  
31.Offline caphalor8 5  
32.Offline Vlaer 8  
33.Offline aakash09kld 13  
34.Offline Lord Sieg_Hart 10  
35.Offline siddi111 6  
36.Offline madkiller1 7  
37.Offline cyberclops 14  
38.Offline FrustrateD_SouL 6  
39.Offline viola17 14  
40.Offline _Huntress_ 10 Lobotomizing cheaters with butter knives since 1993 
41.  #9595Instinctivity10  
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