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#7366 Warriors' Guild Pride

 12 heroes

 » Leader: Lady Laitha

 » Recruiter: Lord Khellendros
 » Chronicler: Lord Khellendros
 » Herald: Lord Khellendros

 » Clan page: http://www.heroeswm.com/clan_info.php?id=365
 » Log

This is a clan for worthy warriors of WGW who deserve special recognition for their accomplishments in the world of LWM!

It now shows the old achievements pre-merge

>>>Going to to be rebalanced shortly to fit the new condition of the merged server<<<

WGW Titles
* Indicate rank, the more * the harder grade of title
1st Rank
2nd Rank*
3rd Rank**
Hunter Titles:
Master Hunter (50+ Gold Hunt Records)
Great Hunter* (100+ Gold hunt Records)
Beastbane Hunter** (150+ Gold hunt Records)

Experienced players:
Top Player*** (the number one player on the experienced list)
Top 3 Player** (In top 3 on the experience list)
Top 10 Player** (In top 10 on the experience list)
Top 25 Player* (In top 25 on the experience list)
Top 50 Player* (In top 50 on the experience list)
Top 100 Player (In top 100 on the experience list)

Survival Tournament Titles:
ST Master (Won 5 ST in a row)
ST Grandmaster* (Won 10 ST in a row)
ST Champion** (Won 20 ST in a row)

Minor Tournament Titles:
MT Triple Master (Got 3 MT medals)
MT Triple champion* (Won 3 MT)

Commanders' Guild Titles:
Duel Warrior (won 10 CG duels in a row)
Duel Master* (won 16 CG duels in a row)
Duel Champion** (won 25 CG duels in a row)

Team Warrior (won 10 CG group battles in a row)
Team Master* (won 16 CG group battles in a row)
Team Champion** (won 25 CG group battles in a row)

Estate Titles:
Slumlord (2,5 - 4,5 stars total in your estates)
Landlord* (5 - 7,5 stars total in your estates)
Monopolist** (8+ stars total in your estates)

WGW Event Organiser Titles:
Event Organiser (1 event)
Event Architect* (3 events)
Event Mastermind** (5 events)

WGW Event Participator Titles:
Wrath Trooper (50 points)
Wrath Soldier* (100 points)
Wrath Warrior* (150 points)
Wrath Veteran** (200 points)
Wrath Hero** (250 points)

Recruiter Titles:
Skilled Recruiter (2 new members)
Professional Recruiter* (5 new members)
Star Recruiter** (10 new members)

Donator Titles:
Clan Supporter (50k)
Clan Patron* (100k)
Clan Benefactor** (200k +)

Rebel Event Titles:
Imperial Guard (Top 50 in Rebel event)
Imperial Centurion* (Top 10 in rebel event)
Ringleader bane** (Top 3 in Ringleader killers)

Infernal event Title:
Infernal Executioner (10 members with the most clan vanguard wins in the infernal event.)

OBS: If you have a title and is not listed or have lost a title then please send a pm to Khellendros

1.Offline #7365Lord Kotrin 12 Landlord* 
2.Offline Lady Laitha 15 Event Organiser, Professional Recruiter* 
3.Offline #4201Lord Khellendros 16 Master Hunter, Team Warrior, ST Master 
4.Offline #7490Theatre Of Pain 16 Beastbane Hunter**, Skilled Recruiter 
5.Offline Nutella 15 Infernal Executioner, Clan Benefactor** 
6.Offline #4201Count Ranor 15 Infernal Ex., Clan Benefactor**, Team Master*, Duel Master* 
7.Offline ArchMage ZenoMX 15 Infernal Executioner, Top 100 Player 
8.Offline MangaBlanco 17 Top 100 Player 
9.Offline #4201KINGJEMH 15 Team Warrior 
10.Offline #7365Lord megacity 13 Infernal Executioner 
11.Offline #4201Lord Robai 11 Great Hunter* 
12.Offline JeveragJettison 14 Infernal Executioner 
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