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#7712 Demons & Angels Academy

 180 heroes

 » Leader: Sir Jedi Knight

 » Chronicler: Dolomar, Lord Hallion91, Lady Takesister, Dionysus
 » Herald: whippets1, Lady Takesister, Dionysus

 » Clan page: http://angelsndemons.freeforums.org/
 » Log

********************************** Demons & Angels Academy ***********************************

Welcome to Demons & Angels Academy, the subsidiary clan of Angels & Demons Military Clan.

Due to the incredulous growth of Angels & Demons Military Clan (A&D), where we have almost reached the maximum of 250 members within 2-3 months of militarization, and not wanting to turn anyone away from joining us and enjoying our A&D's regular list of exciting events and activities, we have created a subsidiary clan so even more players can enjoy everything that is associated with Angels & Demons Military Clan.

Demons & Angels Academy (DnA) will also serves as a waiting list for members wanting to join Angels & Demons MC. When membership places for Angels & Demons Military Clan become available, the members highest up in the DnA members list who meets the entry requirement will be invited to join.

Demons & Angels Academy is more than just a clan. We are a clan for everyone, of all ages. If you are a warrior, and likes to fight, we have a host of regular battle-related activities. If you have RL family/work/studies commitments and can't do constant long-drawn battles, we have not forgotten you. We have non-battle activities and events to cater for you too, to do at your own pace and leisure.

Members can expect regular friendly competitions, tournaments, team (Angels vs Demons) and role-playing events, contests, quizzes, lucky draws etc. We also have friendly inter-clan events between us and our bigger brother, A&D MC. These activities will help build up our clan spirit, foster strong bonds and friendships and prepare the warriors in us well in times of war.

Together, in one spirit, we shall be the role model for other clans to aspire to.

We shall lead, others will follow.

Demons & Angels Academy will represent everything that a clan should be in the world of Lords of War and Money.

Entry Requirement:
• 5000 nuggets contribution to clan treasury. Members who are later eligible and/or invited to join Angels & Demons Military Clan will only pay 10k gold entry fee.
• Minimum combat level 5.
• Main characters only.
• Must not be a member of any military clan.
• Male or Female, preferably homo sapiens. Exemptions will be considered on a case by case basis.
• Contact me or one of our official Recruiters for an invitation, whoever is online at that time.

Demons & Angels Academy – The Eight Commandments
† You shall try your darnest to have fun, lots of it.
† You shall obey all game and clan rules.
† You shall be loyal to Demons & Angels Academy, and its parent clan, Angels & Demons Military Clan.
† You shall treat all members with respect, regardless of race, religion, nationality, and… combat level.
† You are encouraged to participate actively in clan activities whenever possible.
† You shall respect your enemies in battles, but you are required to kick their pretty little butts... with a warm and friendly smile.
† Ask not what your clan can do for you; ask what you can do for your clan.
† You shall have even more fun than Commandment #1 commands.

Clan Privileges & Benefits
• Members will be eligible to participate in and enjoy the host of regular clan activities, tourneys, events, etc held by Angels & Demons Military Clan.

• Members will have priority to join Angels & Demons MC over non-members.

• Members will enjoy cheapest prices for max repairs and enchanting services from the max repair and enchant members from its parent clan, Angels & Demons Military Clan.

• Demons & Angels Academy also organizes its own set of regular clan activities and events, and offer more variety and excitement when playing this game.

Entry to parent clan, Angels & Demons Military Clan
Members who have just ONE of the following will be eligible for invite to Angels & Demons Military Clan -

Entry Requirement & Fee
† Minimum Combat Level 8-10 [depending on other entry requirements] - 17,777 entry fee
† Combat Level 17-21 - *** FREE ENTRY ***
† Have 50k Gold
† No outstanding loans
† A member of the Thieves Guild (any Combat level) -> 11,111 entry fee

+ Members must also have a CLEAN TRANSFER LOG. If not, please write to me and I'll tell you how to clean your logs.

In additional to the above, members must also show their activeness by having logged in for at least 10 days in the past month.

If more than one player meets this requirement, priority will be given to the member who is higher on the members list.



*** Smiths ***
• Dionysus [90% max repair]
• Hallion91 [90% max repair] [105% cost]
• todesh [80% repair] [90% cost]
• Loricia [80% repair] [100% cost]
• Warlock naviron [70% repair] [60% cost]
• Dalek [70% repair] [70% cost]
• illyok [60% repair] [55% cost]
• Stanislavovich [60% repair] [50% cost]
• syrian [30% repair] [25% cost]

*** Weapon Enchanters ***
• Dionysus [4x12%] [Elements only]
• Hallion91 [4x10%] [50 Gold back for each element sent]
• Takesister [4x10%] [Elements only]
• Doomweed [3x7%] [500 Gold back for each %]
• Spellblaster [3x6%] [400 Gold back for each element sent]
• Warlock naviron [3x5%] [500 Gold back for each element sent]
• Vengeful [2x7%] [500 Gold back for each element sent]
• mageof10 [2x4%] [500 Gold Back/1%]
• Red_Baron [1x3%] [Elements or gold]

*** Armor Enchanters ***
• Hallion91 [4x16%] [200 Gold back for each element sent]
• Doomweed [3x6%] [500 Gold back for each %]
• Spellblaster [3x6%] [400 Gold back for each element sent]
• Warlock naviron [3x6%] [500 Gold back for each element sent]
• mageof10 [2x4%] [500 Gold Back/1%]
• Red_Baron [1x4%] [Elements or Gold]

*** Jewel Enchanters ***
• Hallion91 [4x16%] [150 Gold back for each element sent]
• Spellblaster [3x14%] [400 Gold back for each element sent]
• Warlock naviron [3x14%] [500 Gold back for each element sent]

*** Avatar Designers ***
• -_NO--NAME_-


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1.Offline Sir Jedi Knight 20 NoOb Player, NoOb Knight. 
2.Offline whippets1 13 D] 
3.Offline Lord richies 12 A] 
4.Offline Dolomar 14 D] Clan Administrator 
5.Offline frozen-elf 15 A] 
6.Offline lovlyjohn 13 A]&D] 
7.Offline Lord Hallion91 15 A] Clan Administrator 
8.Offline Mitashjain 11 D] 
9.Offline #7705-_NO--NAME_- 14 D] 
10.Offline joshyyoman 14 A] 
11.Offline Dark_X_Shadow 12 A] 
12.Offline #10803gt4dom 14 D] 
13.Offline barbarmy 5 D] 
14.Offline #1209Santremus 20 D] 
15.Offline koushik_great 11 A] 
16.Offline knightman39 13 A] 
17.Offline djohns10311 10 A] DAA Master Hunter 
18.Offline inw_asac 15 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
19.Offline SoulOfThrasH 8 A] 
20.Offline HgaENppeRrY_280 9 A] 
21.Offline IronMan1 9 A] 
22.Offline Truin 7 A] 
23.Offline fuzzyvortex 8 A] 
24.Offline waiks 11 D] 
25.Offline bhuchosen 7 D] 
26.Offline Xoloth 12 D] 
27.Offline mageof10 11 A] Weapon enchanter 1x3%. 750 gold back per 1% 
28.Offline cyclo 7 D] 
29.Offline #7279I_am_yes 11 A] 
30.Offline dragon1188 7 A] 
31.Offline Joan_of_ark 6 A] 
32.Offline bhvynsh 8 A] 
33.Offline OxAriesxO 13 A] 
34.Offline arceus1998 6 A] 
35.Offline jetflighter 5 D] 
36.Offline Festerspim 6 A] 
37.Offline Maggaroth 9 D] 
38.Offline pawnmaster 10 A] 
39.Offline lolman145 9 A] 
40.Offline bacon92 6 A] 
41.Offline Lady Takesister 12 D] 
42.Offline Ravna 14 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
43.Offline DragonBlaze 9 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
44.Offline o4sis 9 A] 
45.Offline mikey0413 10 A] Bane of all Beasts. Promoted To A&D Military Clan 
46.Offline Lord anshsinghal 7 A] 
47.Offline Koskun 9 D] 
48.Offline antoneomiyamoto 10 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
49.Offline caty0331 10 A] (Dark Angel) 
50.Offline DemonioGaules 12 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
51.Online aakash09kld 14 A] 
52.Offline Taeeren 9 D] 
53.Offline Lord KD 15 A] 
54.Offline seanckx 13 A] 
55.Offline Prakash665 6 D] 
56.Offline Ravager122 6 D] 
57.Offline manmeetsinghbal 8 A] 
58.Offline DAnGeLxd 7 D] 
59.Offline beezzaha2009 9 D] 
60.Offline tanaykharche 6 D] 
61.Offline Blackmagician2 10 D]&A] Grand Hunter 
62.Offline Kennen123 5 A] 
63.Offline counterhunter 7 D] 
64.Offline DonOctavio 10 A] 
65.Offline Lord CrusaderR 8 D] 
66.Offline Dev-Sharma 8 A] 
67.Offline shardule 10 D] 
68.Offline Wind Runner 7 A] 
69.Offline Little Happy 8 A] 
70.Offline Sun--Xii 11 A] 
71.Offline ylchen1001 9 D] 
72.Offline Joulean_Sands 15 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
73.Offline Elf_Guardian 7 A] 
74.Offline ogresking 8 D] 
75.Offline harry123456 6 D] 
76.Offline adith1493 6 D] 
77.Offline KokujoWarCry 6 D] 
78.Offline Ace-of-spades 7 D] 
79.Offline multihunter 8 D] 
80.Offline kwc1996 11 D] 
81.Offline #7490Mammary 18 D] Outstanding Laborer Award. 
82.Offline Kangaxx 15 D] 
83.Offline Shadow_Boy_ 5 D] 
84.Offline c_r_y_b_a_b_y 11 D] 
85.Offline bruteogre 8 D] 
86.Offline McKooij 8 A] 
87.Offline sparhawk87 6 A] 
88.Offline LuckyLuke85 9 A] 
89.Offline DEVNATH 6 D] 
90.Offline seuhahn1 5 A] 
91.Offline demonodemon 11 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
92.Offline Obergon 14 D] 
93.Offline technoscarlet 13 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
94.Offline david60 8 D] 
95.Offline Garudorm 16 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
96.Offline harilas-5 11 A] 
97.Offline XboxVillainA 10 D] 
98.Offline r_vamshi 11 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
99.Offline cander5 5 A] 
100.Offline rohanarora 14 A] 
101.Offline fast_elf 7 A] 
102.Offline jaswanth 6 A] 
103.Offline elwin from lord 10 A] 
104.Offline devildiablo666 6 D] 
105.Offline Lord Magniy 9 D] 
106.Offline -Elite_Warrior- 5 D] 
107.Offline dr_zalech 12 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
108.Offline #7705Silent1 15 A] 
109.Offline devilish_demon 7 A] 
110.Offline NeSiKa 7 A] 
111.Offline TheHeroic 6 D] 
112.Offline #1209Fire-King 18 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
113.Offline Jawgul 7 D] 
114.Offline jakub_audi_fan 7 A] 
115.Offline XVZQ123 6 A] 
116.Offline Lord Armenia 15 Warrior Leader. Ambassador to Russia 
117.Offline Lord puhi 6 A] 
118.Offline livenn 9 D] 
119.Offline ZarosCurse 6 D] 
120.Offline Dionysus 18 Groundskeeper and Clan Servant 
121.Offline #9595Niranjan 17 A] 
122.Offline NLP2012 5 A] 
123.Offline viraj2011 6 D] 
124.Offline elferds 9 D] 
125.Offline Ranger1169 10 A] 
126.Offline ShadowReaper 9 A] 
127.Offline Scruffy 12 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
128.Offline __Mclilzee__ 10 A] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
129.Offline necro21 6 D] 
130.Offline vagoskiller 6  
131.Offline VRBack 11 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan. 
132.Offline kush_ankit 7 A] 
133.Offline -anle- 10 A] Best Hustler Award 
134.Offline bye97 8 A] 
135.Offline rropke2255 13 A] Most Active Warrior, Top Mercenary & FSP Gainer 
136.Offline Lord konar 6  
137.Offline JustTuna 9 D] Promoted To A&D Military Clan 
138.Offline Lord iFail 7 D] 
139.Offline Lord SpeedOfSound 7 D] 
140.Offline goldghostrider 8 A] 
141.Offline EliteSpartan2 14 A] 
142.Offline SumeetSingh 12 A] 
143.Offline varmeetsi 6 A] 
144.Offline listek 8 A] 
145.Offline vbFifi 14 D] 
146.Offline Jehova 8  
147.Offline FrankMoney 14 A] 
148.Offline #7490ayush20 15  
149.Offline balaking 8 A] 
150.Offline Bones 9  
151.Offline Savaril 7  
152.Offline sgtmuderer 6 D] 
153.Offline Khagan Hun 14  
154.Offline Dr Damage 9 A] 
155.Offline -praywithme- 11  
156.Offline 222gaz 7  
157.Offline Lord iqo 10  
158.Offline Vastor 6  
159.Offline bloody dark elf 8  
160.Offline kontrs123 10  
161.Offline cyberclops 14  
162.Offline Fringes 6  
163.Offline Medophs 8  
164.Offline xCrysis 7  
165.Offline Odgin 6  
166.Offline Bio-mage 6  
167.Offline d0ctorwho 9  
168.Offline K5isback 9  
169.Offline Stingray1188 6  
170.Offline Lord Aerial 7  
171.Offline Usbeorn 14  
172.Offline tady1111 6  
173.Offline PlugInBabe 10  
174.Offline King louis 8  
175.Offline Pravin J 9  
176.Offline viper_x4 10  
177.Offline Lord Mahendra_11 14  
178.Offline Whingebagge 13  
179.Offline Conna0905 6  
180.Offline #9595legend-bouc 16  
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