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  #7739 LWM - International Community Council
 27 heroes

 » Leader: Empire
 » Deputy: Edwin

 » Recruiter: Lord Syrian, Arctic
 » Chronicler: Lord Syrian, Corey, Arctic
 » Herald: Lord Syrian, Corey, Arctic, Beliar

 » Log

The ICC is a gathering of players, who in one way or another help the english part of the Game and its Community. It serves as a bridge between various Official Clans, as well as between the .com-based Community and the Administration. Such gathering is held in a dedicated Skype Room, and Councilors are expected to help with any issue that should arise and be presented there.

ICC Statutes

1. The official language of the ICC is English;
1.1. Native Russian speakers are allowed to communicate between them in Russian, in the ICC Skype chat, to facilitate the exchange of ideas between them;
2. The purpose of the ICC is to assist the Administration and the Community with the improvement of the game (suggestions to improve the gaming experience, balance analysis, bug detection etc) and of the English part of it specifically (local problems, language problems, clans and community management issues and related suggestions);
3. It is the task of the Deputy to
- invite/evict ICC members (eviction based on clan activity);
- track the members activity in clan room on Skype, manage the room;
- specify topics for urgent discussion if requested directly by the Administration;
- collect reports from the ICC members;
- translate, review and elaborate reports for presenting to the Administration.
4. It is the task of the ICC members to
- visit clan room on Skype on a regular basis;
- suggest topics and/or discuss them, taking necessary game actions;
- form reports based on discussion, containing suggestions, bug reports, analysis of current game features etc. and pass those reports to the Deputy;
- follow all general and local game rules at all times.
5. The Deputy may appoint Secretaries to assist him with specific tasks, which would then be of greater priority than general discussion topics.
6. Should the ICC be tasked with a topic directly by the Administration, it becomes absolute top priority; the Deputy notifies the clan via mass clan mail, and all members to the extent possible are to contribute to the topic.
7. ICC members are not entitled to salary.

Recruitment is closed.


1. Fluency in English;
2. Combat Level 8 on main account registered via LWM.com;
3. No less than 4 months of active account;
4. No significant game rules violations;
5. Daily activity in game (monthly average of at least 3h/day online) and in Skype;
6. Expert knowledge in at least one of the following areas: Game Mechanics (game rules, factions, guilds, combats, card games, economy/trading, etc); Technical Issues (formulae, scripting, etc) and Community Interaction (forums, clans, overall understanding of the LWM Community specific aspects, etc.)

Former members who have been evicted due to in-game inactivity may return by contacting the ICC Staff, if they resume activity.

1.  Empire 22  
2.Offline #1209Lord Syrian 19 Secretary 
3.Offline #4201Magier 12  
4.Offline Pang 14 DND 
5.Offline #7490Lord jogamen 16 Rest in Peace, Councilor Joga. 
6.Offline Skunder 9 the Monument - DND 
7.Offline #7705Kiskoko 20  
8.Offline #7705MagDonald 18  
9.Offline Vengeful Spirit 17  
10.Online #7705Lord STB 14  
11.Offline #7490Corey 16 Secretary 
12.Offline #7705Sir Jedi Knight 20  
13.Offline #4201Arctic 13 The One and Only - DND 
14.Online #1209Edwin 18 Secretary 
15.Offline #7490Tony 18  
16.Offline #7490eddy_immanuel 16  
17.Offline #7490vicky666 15  
18.Offline #8048Beliar 16  
19.Offline #10557”смешка 14 Official News Translator 
20.Offline #9595merlin36 15  
21.Offline #5063SirReal 18 Official News Translator 
22.Offline #7490Divit 15  
23.Offline #7490shubhamgoyal 16  
24.Offline #104ћирий 21 HWM Radio 
25.Online Ipsen 15  
26.Online #1209Meshy 18  
27.Offline #7490Ektoras 17  
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