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Who is from "heroeswm.ru"?


AuthorWho is from "heroeswm.ru"?
for Bellik:
I'm glad to see here well_known in ru_version "LazyGreg" & "_SeNoVaL_"
u know _SeNoVaL_ has had intresting experiment

here is this battle http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?warid=73562316
I am
What the different of LordWM and HeroesWM ???
the diffrence is that .ru started first and it is more devepoled.

for instance in ru there were 7 minor tournaments & 6 survival.

the map is more wide.

players play better then here.

and all of us like one big familly
I am too))))
I am)
for X-hunter:
HeroesWM was the original name for both .ru and .com. though due to a copyright claim (i think) we became LordWM
i am!
it is real game. future! Yahoo!
I from heroeswm.ru
i am
players play better then here
not necessarily...
just curious, if theres 11 pages of ppl from .ru, why are u all playing on .com?
Twink, mult, alter or however u call it =(
I am)
What does heroes have that we don't have?
What does heroes have that we don't have?
opportunity to get something new early
i play the ru server sometimes, i am known as Anglo. Only contact me if u know me on here
I am 9lvl
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