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Who is from "heroeswm.ru"?


AuthorWho is from "heroeswm.ru"?
99 Yeah. For example, "take a genius" of smth. like that when engaging a group of monsters.
for Merciless:
found a ton of grammatic and semantic mistakes in texts and descriptions.

do you think we can help to fix them in some way?
I hope we would. Nevertheless, both the administrators and the translators did a great job.
I am too.
I am
WTF is going on in this game?! It's a russian colony!
OMG russians are everywhere! Get rid if them right now! =)))
Actually, I'd prefer to see texts *originally* written in English, than some translation result, which always is questionable, btw

a kind of Brighton's branch :-)

This is just for the beginning. The rest will depend on us as well. Visit ToH, CH, HeroesCommunity boards and spread the news about HeroesWM.com foundation. Not only this will bring some new players to the game, but also will grant you additional cash.
In-game cash of course ;) gold.
Hi all!! My nick on heroeswm.ru - a38602, 5 lvl
I am! ( 8 lvl)
Well, there is 13-level gamer in russian version of this game. His name is Shrek, and he killed 22000 peasants!
me too))
I am too from heroeswm.ru
I am too.
My nick xot 6 lvl
I am pers Macintosh
I'm ^)
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