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Barbarian's racial skill

AuthorBarbarian's racial skill
IS barbarian's racial skill the lousiest?

spell resist which dark elves's racial negates it totally

And no use versus knights, elves, demons and undead and rather insignificant reduction versus wizard and elves' druids.

Knights : get to raise more higher tier units at the cost of reducing lower tier.

Dark elves : Get more spell damage

Demons : get more units to gate

Undead : get more skeletons to bring into battle + more skeletons after battle

Wizards : more powerful mini-artifacts (most powerful although seriously expensive)

Elves : More percentage to land critical vs favoured enemies (most powerful of them all with no extra cost)
Sorry to disappoint you, but if Barbs racial skill suck, DE is just behind.

I have NEVER done more damage to anything, in fact some units are somewhat resistent i take less damage (despite our Piercing magic ability, golems for example just to say one).

So for my DE point of view we DE dont have a racial skill, like Barbarians.

I hope this change soon for both DE and Barbs, i dont find it fair at all.
DE ability just "negates" some magic resistance. So, if you face a Golem with 50% magic res. and are DE level 3, you'll overcome 34% of this resistance (10%+8%*Dark elf skill level.) It never inflicts extra damage to anyone.

In less complicated words, it's totally worthless.

DE have a hard time at high level because their magic gets weaker against new creatures with incredible HP count.

No doubt, Elves have the best racial ability of all - as usual. Good at every level and can evolve with new threats.

Demons come as a close second. Knights are good too since they basically have more creatures, irrelevant to the level (as if people were stocking on recruits!! What a loss!) Undead are so-so - more skeletons are useful when you have skeleton bowmen.

Barbarian and Dark Elves got the short straw.
Kotrin: i couldnt have said it better :)

Agree on all the line. Elfs and Demons grows each level, other less, some none at all.

And yes, magic even at high levels, make laugh high lvl creatures with tons of HP....there should be one spell that takes out a percentage of the creature hp, that will be nice
you will very much appreciate this skill on higher levels, believe me :)

Not at all - unless we speak of levels unheard of. First, direct magic attacks gets less and less useful at high level since high tiers creatures have incredible HP amounts. Second, when facing barbarians, a spell caster will simply rely on indirect damage: bless, rapid, and so on. As far as I know, Barbarian racial skill has no effect against damage inflicted by a blessed unit.
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