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Selling cheap gems


AuthorSelling cheap gems
price decreased!
-->375 for one gem<--

there are 10.000 new gems in the mine now.

buy them all Rnm and u will keep your business running ;)
hey, "smart" buddy!
really LOL, because at <<2008-08-24 08:22:37>> there wasn't any gems in the mine.

really "smart" hook )), ha-ha.
hey Rnm, your gem supplier is very generous today. only 10190.70 gems in stock... ))

still wanna sell cheap gems? ;o))))
but don't despair my friend. i can help you with your 99 gems. let me prove you i'm a noble player. i could buy them for 320 }
ha-ha )))
sorry, but I don't care about you and your friend.
I'll open you one secret, i'm a mage )) so, I always need a lot of different resources. So I'll buy more, 100, 200, 300 and (who knows?) 1000 :]. just look at Kusika.
2nd, it's a standard way to solve the problem with lack of resources from administration. gl, Georgia.
oh, of course you're a mage. gonna need 1000 gems? you can count on me again! i can sell them to you very cheap -->375 for one gem<-- o}}}
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