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For they who play on heroeswm.ru, When I was going in a hunt vs. 13 bowmens, it stood: Archers rushed to escape ...(on russian of course) and I went into a battle with an other guy vs bowmen and hob goblins, what is that?

In my combat los it was written this after the combat: Fridz[2], guru77777[4] vs bowmens (13), hobgoblins (92)
(my nave is Fridz)

I have never experienced that on LodsWM.com
the servers are different
It's ru's feature. After admins took away the chance to meet "halves" they introduced these co-hunts. On every solo hunt there's a chance monsters will 'run away' and you and other player will be hunting yours and his monsters together. Funny thing, unless it's lvl 2 co-hunting with lvl 8, because in that case lvl 2 gets no skill points an HG points (gets killed by lvl 8's monsters quickly)
ok, it's a cool thing :/
U-huh. Espesially when you're hunting a 1k+ of imps and get a wizard as a co-hunter. He was thrilled :/
for Vidolix:
it is not =\
i like the feature. though i think once i was level 2 i had an easy hunt. and got paired up with a level 4 that was fighting 2 angles with no arts O_o
i know
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Once i was going for a hunt record using full enchants and i got a mixed hunt! we won easily (because of my full enchanted arts) but i lost my chance of making the hunt record;(
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