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Rulebreak of multis

AuthorRulebreak of multis
Player endimion is transfering money to what it looks like 2 of his multis which is not metioned in his information.

He transfers the gold so he can be able to increase the betting amount on the roulette.

and he just managed to win with this stinky cheat.

5,000 Endimion Straight up 8 180,000

1,000 noobhunter Straight up 8 36,000

947 silenthillpowah Straight up 8 34,092
for Hatred:
i don't see what the roulette win there has anything to do with it.
I was just about to post this, but you beat me to it Hatred. You are fast!
misself, well maybe not very important except that he then transfered this extra won money back to his main, atleast from one of them so far.
Plain and simple...if this were allowed...no one would ever lose in roulette, and people would have massively unfair advantages misself.

I could create 3 characters, only work+do limited no art battles, after a while I'd have fortunes on all 3.

I would play my main, and just keep transferring money as I needed, form "3 no tax, no hassle" banks that all belong to me...

Does that sound like a world you want to play in?
These are also tied to him:



This guy keeps busy, playing 5 characters. 4 of them personal banks...
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