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Surmises and facts

AuthorSurmises and facts
Hours later the two vessels were already sailing off into the horizon crowned with sunlight after giving a resonant salute. There could be absolutely no other subject on everyone's mind than what knowledge had the mysterious strangers confided. The Great Capital literally consisted of pure gossips. It all started with a young page who, given his age and necessity to look and sound important, narrated the visual content of the reception to a couple of his friends.

"Dey were deprived of deir weapons, but very soon Her Ma'sty had one brought to de Court, and I got a glimpse of it. Not seen anyting like it before, the blade was eh.. white-light-blueish.. You don't believe me?! May the eart swallow me if I'm lying! And den, den an elf wid weird long hands was given a parchment and a brush, and he was drawing somting dere, and each stranger was commenting it! I don't know what it was, but I might have heard somting about a treasure!".

Different people drew different conclusions out of these rumors. They knew that their Empress would appear shortly and report the authentic, but the irresistible wish to share one's opinion and discuss others' drew people into the taverns where they grouped in small packs and conversed quietly.
"Nay, the boy is just.. he wants fame, that's all. A blue sword, huh, maybe they also had winged weapons that fight on their own behalf? Rubbish, I say." - muttered a Barbarian, tightening and releasing the grip on his axe.
"He just caught a wrong reflection. No material suitable for forging has such properties anyway." - uttered a Wizard well known for his mini-artifacts crafting skill.
"Well, none that we know of...", - an elf said dreamily. "What do you think of the map? I mean, that treasure story is obviously made up, but..."
"Could they have possibly drawn a route to their lands?" - the Demon lord interrupted in a hungry voice.
"Yeah, right, just like that without any history between us." - the Knight strategist objected. "If they did so, I must say, I had a better opinion about their sanity. I might be wrong, but it might..."

The horn rumbled through the muttering, bearing only one possible meaning: Head of the Empire was ready to present herself in front of the Lords and to put an end to everyone's surmises.
"Warriors and Mages, Lords. We are standing on the edge of a new era. We have grown into a nation, cultivated our champions and become proud citizens of our Empire. It is time to bring things forth.
Tonight we witnessed none other than Gods' will. The fleet of those strangers went through a storm with only two ships being cast ashore our land.
The Ridge of Hope, that's what they called the mountain that served as their beacon of salvation, and so shall we call it, as it holds in its depths everything we need for our glorious future.
We shall construct a harbour, the window into the world that will become a symbol of our prosperity, inquisitiveness and confidence. We shall create a fleet that will arouse esteem of our allies and terror of our foes.
Those people came from a distant land, too far to picture on our local maps. Their wisest mage left us his nexus-stone, the fiber of his soul that can be used to locate and contact him whenever and wherever he is. He did so, for I have invited him back, and I have no doubts that their next visit would fortify our relations, giving foundation to friendship, alliance and trade.
They will be coming in several fortnights, so the first of our efforts and the top of our priorities
should be the pier and the lighthouse. I was dramatically fortunate to have spoken to an architect of the foreign Empire, who took part in designing their harbour. He graciously agreed to draw designs according to their own experience. As I speak, the Senior Architect of our Empire is taking preparations to initiate the construction on the shore of Misty Coast.

I shall now pass word to the Warlords council representative. But let me call to your duties for one last time: assist in every possible way, prove your allegiance to the Empire and together we shall cut our way into our dreams!"

"Right. I am to declare that we need rare resources to build those docks... What? Right. The pier and the lighthouse. We don't have most of these resource types at hand, but as Her Majesty has said, it is known that nearly all of them can be found in those rocky depths... DON'T!.. oh, right. In the depths of Ridge of Hope. Now, as we know, that place is populated by countless Dragon clans. The only way to appropriate the resources is to capture them. We need volunteers to lead vanguards into the lair and fight them inside. Destroy your enemy, collect the resource, make it out safely - no more objectives. But beware, Dragons are vicious, and most vicious they become when they defend something to be taken away from them. Make sure your vanguard has no less than three lords with full armies, otherwise you will most probably waste the lives of your troops. If you see a Vanguard of your level in formation, volunteer and don't create a new one. We set out immediately."
TL;DR version.

Events: The reception is over, rumors are spreading about who the foreign guests are and what they have arrived for. One of the rumors cites that the visitors possess outstanding weaponry; and that they drew a map of unknown destination for the Empress.
Meanwhile, the Empress Herself speaks in front of the common public. She declares that the time has come to expand and that the Lighthouse and Pier construction sites have been recently launched. She appeals to everyone able to hold a weapon or a hammer to assist at procuring resources and constructing those strategical buildings.

Updates: Dragon guards event; Construction event.

Interesting facts: New resources were introduced specifically for the construction event. They are useless since the event ended, further use is probable but not certain.
The new buildings aren't usable in game mechanics an serve as a waypoint for further storytelling.
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