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The Lords were climbing out of the caves after battling the Dragon clan-in-turn to get some rest, discuss the strategies and digest the latest experience they have earned in their last vanguards, as the huge Empire's Banner that was fluttering for almost a week above the most luxurious tent of their encampment, gave one last shudder and dropped down. The Warlord was standing in front of his camp, with his hands behind his back bent in elbows and muttering some orders to a slim sickly looking assistant with a carrier-pigeon on his arm. The young messenger nodded and disappeared in a much smaller and modest tent next to the central one. The Warlord glanced around his camp with a warm paternal look, raised one of his hands from behind his back and signalized.

The next moment, many things happened at once. A loud rumble of military horn made the Lords who were champing and chatting around the fires jump on their feet. The carrier-pigeon, most probably startled with the sudden sound of the horn, flew out of the tent and distanced itself. Finally, the Warlord spotted a group of several Dark elf vanguard leaders quickly approaching in what seemed from afar as excitement.
The messenger boy came out of his tent with a guilty face and his gaze lowered. The Lords were approaching the central tent to receive new orders, staring at the Warlord. It was still impossible to say whether the Dark elves were carriers of good or bad news.
The Warlord allowed himself a brief second of confusion, then hissed "Deliver the missive by yourself. AT ONCE" to his clumsy assistant, squared his shoulders and proclaimed in a stately manner:
-Soldiers! Mission is accomplished, we have achieved our goal. Enough resources have been collected to finalize the construction of our new strategic facilities. No more vanguards shall be detached.
So far, the commander was talking without parting his gaze from the approaching group of his Captains, but soon they were close enough to understand they were not to report woeful findings.
-You have fought with bravery and devotion, and I am proud with every one of you. Tomorrow night we shall have a grand celebration of our deeds, and everyone is invited. And now we...

The Captains charged through the camp right between the happy Lords, waving their hands. One of them was carrying a considerable solid object shaped as an almost perfect sphere, black, but glittering in a pallid dark green tone. One of the newly arrived Lords reported in a breathless voice:
-General, this requires you immediate attention!
The Warlord pointed at his tent, and then yelled: "Gods' Grace to the Empire!! His soldiers thundered back an identical exclamation. The commander glanced around once more, smiled, pronounced in a humorous manner: "Dismissed!", and disappeared behind the tent curtains.
The Warlord looked rather serious again as soon as he concealed himself within the tent, and one of the Dark elves spoke:
-This here appears to be a mineral of some unbelievable properties. During the combat, my companions were using spells to aid their troops in combat. This object has absorbed all our magic!"
A funny expression appeared on the Generals face.
-Make yourself clear, soldier!, - he said slightly irritated, - Absorbed.. what? in what way?
-See for yourself.
The Captain cast a Magic arrow at one of his companions, but the arrow never went in his direction. It went straight into the sphere. The dark green tone of the object became slightly more saturated.
The Warlord pulled out his war knife and banged on the mineral with its tilt. After that he flipped the knife, carefully touching he mysterious metal globe with its blade. He frowned as he removed the knife back behind his belt.
-I shall take care of this personally. Dismissed. Cancel that! I'll need one Captain of every faction for a final report on the Dragon clans in 10 minutes. Outside my tent. Dismissed!

Meanwhile, the Senior Architect was scampering around the newly constructed Lighthouse, clapping his cans in a childish manner and yelling:
-Three times! Three times faster than planned. Now look at the beauty and finesse of its figure, those overseas guests are gifted!!
And indeed, the Lighthouse was an ultimate decoration to Misty Coast's scenery which, dull and grim before latest events, appeared to have found the set-off detail to turn it into a piece of art. Its stem, constructed of beautiful white marble with encrusted crystals and gems, sparkled at the sunny day, and the Lords of the Empire were already gathering up around it at a fair distance, to be able to enjoy the first torching of their creation upon the fall of night.
TL;DR version.

Events: The Dragon vent and the Construction event are over. A mysterious substance has been found in the depths of the caves. It is of dark green colour; it is able to absorb magic, making the colour more saturated green for certain time until it fades back out.

Updates: None

Interesting facts: The substance features both words "metal" and "mineral" in its description, which is absurd at first sight, but eventually leads to a thought that the discovered object is a piece of ore of some rare metal.
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