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block characters

Authorblock characters
Asking you to block it's character.
Also block my brother's account - TheDroot.
Also block his mults: FloodGrifon, CrazyLich, DeadCast

He is agree
He has to write here himself.
He has 1st level, so he can't write in this topic.
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // Flood]
[Player banned by moderator Zyanya until 2008-12-27 09:26:06 // Local rule 1]
for zub:

Ask him to write in queries and help and a mod will move it to this forum.
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // Flood]
[Player banned by moderator Shebali until 2008-12-26 13:46:45 // p1 CaA local rules]
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