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How about this?

AuthorHow about this?
When someone visits ur profile ( character ) they can leave a comment or leave a comment in pictures. Also instead of just adding a friend, add a friend and wait for them to accept. making it more realistic.
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // By author's request.]
Umm... if this was .ru I'd say you're confusing this game with 'Vkontakte' or 'Odnoklassniki' :) :P

As it is, I'll just say this - there are plenty of sites for this sort of thing. LWM doesn't need it.
I'd have to agree as well that there's no reason why this would be particularly useful. I mean, this is a game site at the end of the day not an exclusive social networking site or some such. :|
Typo. Sorry.

Why do you think the first idea must be implemented? People can come up with ideas all the time, but there must be a reason.

I agree with the second idea.

All fixed. Delete my other post.
not needed
and its a waste of time for the admins making that
i would like new locations on the map more then comment on some pictures

well said
How about castles, and sieges, sometimes it gets boring only enrolling and hunting and dueling, we need some more action.
How about castles, and sieges, sometimes it gets boring only enrolling and hunting and dueling, we need some more action

i just wanted to make a topic of that
5. Every suggestion should have a separate topic
We need more stuff to do, not only hunting enrolling tavern and duels, what about sieges creating new towns with each town has its own Castle, like Great Capital.. making a whole new town.. with new places..
5. Every suggestion should have a separate topic

ok i make one

exactly how would these sieges work?
Clans take over them, and maybe each clan could have an acadamy, for low lvls to be in them, and also if we could create allies, so clans can team up with others againts other allies, make more fun.

And about the sieges working, i dont want to be dumb or anything, but how about making it like a competition. 3on3 or 2on2 battles for the best clan members of each clan.

p.s ( make it like lineage or something or WOW)

Make raid boss's wich are IMBA bosses that are very hard to defeat, if you kill them. then you get item drops, and more stuff.

ALSO, in hunting assistance, why does it have to be random for someone to get the item? What about dropping a dice, and whoever gets the biggest number gets the item? . (Something like Roll) ;p

dont know so many things are out of this game, wich could make this game the #1 Game on a site.
Clan wars? Planned already. And again, Every suggestion should have a separate topic


Also note this:

3. The topic header should correspond its content and briefly reflect the main point.

4. Any idea should have a purpose and describe the means of it's realization. It should also answer the question: "Why it needs to be done?".

And of course it shouldn't be here:
more hunts
aaaahhhhh (trying to keep in his anger) i am so so so mad i feel like trowing my PC out of the window
i have bin working more then a our on a suggestion topic for sieges when i had workd 50 minutes at it it was dinner time when i came back i continued typing when i was nearly done BOEM!! computer crashd and everything was gone
(cry cry cry -.-)
i make a sort one then
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