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selling gems

Authorselling gems
selling gems 1k+
cheaper then on market
PM me
So you are one of those people who likes to control the market.I strongly encourage players not to buy from them.Let them pay the price of menoplize the market. selling resources at 3 times the gem mine sell.
well i can say only one thing i wake up this morning and found out that administration brought out ~5k of each type of resource on market and mercury was already bought
i am againsts suck tricks - let the resourses be prodused in mines but not manualy changed - so i have no choice but to buy them

That is way too many gems for personal use or selling to facilities.
1k gems? You ought to be ashamed of your playing style.
Thieves should be able to fight you and take YOUR loot!
1000 gems is a lot of booty!
Then the thieves should sell at below production cost to the poor for the good of the game!
On second thought you are only charging a small mark up and depriving the empire of it's 1% so good luck to you sir
the game has it's mechanic's people work in mines and mines produse gems(for example), i dont want to spend my time buying gems evry time workshift ends, but when administration MANUALY changes economy it's no good - so i bought gems and will make some money - sooner or later i'll sell them)
i think u all are acting really childish
this guy has earned money
its his choice what he wants to do with his money you are nobody to tell him what to do with the money
so if he wants to buy 1k gems its his choice if you want to complain dont do all that in his topic where he is trying to sell his stuff
if you dont like all this then just leave
its not that if u people dont buy no one will
so stop irritating people and ruining their topics
good luck selling :)
200 already sold)
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