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Please block or delete

AuthorPlease block or delete
I have got some old chatacters:

and i forget them passwords.

Please block or delete them.
Any admin will do that?
Zyanya told me to post here if i want to delete some chars...
Dont thinkt hey ll do it like this, you have to post with the account itself, i suppose

Else i can post here, delete player xxxx they are my "old characters" while they are not your old characters and just some ppl that you dont like

(im not offending you, or telling that you are lying, just an example)
So i suppose you have to post with the account itself
hmm i think its possible to check it
and i remeber 1 password to FastBlackWolf where i can put in personal settings
about other characters but that 2 others i forget a long time ago :(
i dont want get ban because if i dont put in personal setting about others its illegal multi so if i forget passwords its impossible to put
Yeah, like:

I have got some old chatacters:


If you really want them blocked, mention in each and every PERSONAL PAGE of each that they indeed belong to you (TheGreatestEver) and that they should be blocked.

Do not have them post here, it's not allowed to post on forums with secondary characters.

Create a new thread when ready.
closed by Lord Kotrin (2009-01-09 00:00:01)
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