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To reduce the crisis, why don't the system change into :

The better labor guild, get more salary.

I know it's like that now, but see this :
I'm at LG lvl 0, so product 1 items (take def shield as example), right? now it has 0.xx item, so i can't enroll there. only (let's say) LG lvl 2 may enroll there. This will make the production faster.

If the item has more than 500, then LG lvl 0 may enroll.
it's something like that. Sorry if it's hard for you to get it. I find it hard to translate in English.

N.B : i didn't pick the number, admin will.
This is just my idea. thx for reading.
this may be a g idea for higher labor guild player, but it will certainly gives new or low labor guild player no chance to enroll in some places with high wage such as production place, since a lot of the place that produce popular items will always be 0, no matter how many items prouce
At first I thought this would be a great idea, since it would high LG players would produce more arts in those limited work slots and then low LG players would be in the mining jobs.

Then I realized there's no need because high LG players already have a higher chance of enrolling in machining and production. High LG players are more experienced and can buy/sell resources to get machining and production moving.

A problem with this is that basic resources such as mercury production would be lower as more high LG players would in the production instead of the mining.

A better idea would be for the admin to add more work slots to high demand arts. The only reasone the def shield is such high demand all of a sudden is the new AP rules.
to 2 (nonamer) :
The low LG point will work in mining. Look at the minimal AP. low level player of course will need less gold, so they get low gold too. If they keep working in mining (low salary), then of course they LG will still increase, after that, they can also work in production house.

To 3 (Pantheon) :
High LG players are more experienced and can buy/sell resources to get machining and production moving.
U mean, by buying the arts, then u can work? if so, see our def shield factory. If low LG work there, they will only produce 12 shield per hour. u know how many people are online right? can it cover everyone of them? Imagine if all the Workers are high level (3x production for example). We will get 36 shield per hour. that's 3 times faster. that's what i mean.

For both of u, thx for responding my idea.

Oh, I misunderstood your idea. I thought you were restricting LG by factory over mining or by AP.

Your idea increases the LG requirement if there's a shortage in the factories. This would help places like the defender shield. But what if the factory is low on resources? Then the LG requirement wouldn't do anything at all. Also your idea might cause some confusion. Those with low LG or borderline LG would get confused because sometimes they could work there while other times they can't.
but umm actually if u have higher labor guild lv, you produce more, you need more resources to do so too
to 5 :
Type Owner Resource Wage

That is the table if u click on map right? now, add this :

Type Owner Resource Wage LG

See, it's not hard to see what are u at.

To 6 :
I haven't think about the chain reaction to those.
Is it not easier to set the defender shield factory worker places to 15 instead of 12? Not that I am unhappy with defender shield market prices :-)
yeah. maybe you're right, but look at crystal cavern, gem mine and lab (BG). Many empty slots, but no worker wants to go there. Why? because they can freely work in def shield factory to get more salary.

I think less level will need less resource. Am i wrong?
This is only my opinion.
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