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I'm very glad to say you that I'll be able to set 10% enchantment from Saturday!
My work costs 500 gold for each percent, 250 for clanmates. So each 10% enchantment costs 5000 gold (2500 for clanmates).
Send me a weapon (rent for 3 days, 0 battles, no repairing allowed, 1 gold), elements (1 gold for each 10 elements of one type), gold and letter about your order.
You can see current orders and elements needed to enchant in my private information.

Note that 10% enchantment is the best! You can set 3 enchantment now and the 4th one later, it's possible. Keep in mind that prices can rise later.
My smith will be free tuesday morning :-)
You can be the second owner of 3*10 weapon. If you'll hurry up :-)
My smith is busy till 23 Jan morning :-)
Hurry up to be the next :-)
My smith is busy till Jan 29 :-)
Hurry up :-)
You can get a weapon Feb 1st if you pay me now :-)
And later if you wait :-)
Buy the best :-)
Hurry up :-)
I am ready to make a discounts for player who wants to enachant more than one weapon :-)
Clanmates take only one discount of 50%, no any additional discounts for enchanting more than 1 weapon.
Smith is busy till 01 Feb
Till Feb 04
Hurry up :-)
Till Feb 07
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