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this money transfer is allowed ?

Authorthis money transfer is allowed ?
Transfer log of Jason2

01-11-09 19:53: Castle modified. Construction added: Training chambers.
01-11-09 19:51: Received 1000 Gold from jason4 :
01-11-09 19:48: Received 2000 Gold from jason4 :
01-07-09 16:52: Castle modified. Construction added: Barracks.
01-07-09 16:10: Faction changed: Wizard to Knight.
01-06-09 15:41: Castle modified. Construction added: Golem foundry.
01-05-09 18:11: Faction changed: Knight to Wizard.
01-05-09 17:53: Castle modified. Construction added: Farms.
01-01-09 17:31: Registered. Faction: Knight.
moderators please see ...

this money transfer is allowed ?
no, it isn't.
please take action,if it is against the rules.
Sweeper will see this topic, and punish the rulebreaker.
In the meantime, stop bumping topic.
if voting for best moderators takes place then i will vote for shebali and arctic ,both are very hardworking.
for wizardhero:

That's very flattering, but CaA local rules still stand :)

Kindly refrain from leaving more comments unrelated to the case , or you'll be banned as per p1 CaA local rules.
closed by Arctic (2010-11-16 18:22:38)
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