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new defender shield blacksmith


Authornew defender shield blacksmith
Maybe if the price go up, another arts would be used more, which would reduce the shortage of def shields. Additionally, it would help another facilities, which would help whole economics.
"Maybe if the price go up"

I meant the price in facility

The player that bought I think all def shields from Factory .. OMG .. Plzz return back our Def shields .. Look at market he even sells them for 6000 gold per each ...

Wanna insult him, but that is impolite .. -_-

Best regards,

Defender shiel blacksmith can just make more free posts from 12 to 24 or 30 to make more defenders on one shift. if we have 3 labs we can have 2 defender blacksmiths or more productive that one...
more workers allowed could be a good idea
It's not the number of workers. People could be walking around with a lot of Def shields stockpiled. Stockpiling the same artifact should be limited to perhaps 3 only.
it is nice that there are 21 workers employed at the smith now, 9 more than previous.
with the increased output, i managed to purchase a new defender shield. :D
for Acolyte: We can get more free posts, but Empire HAS TO limit each player can only buy 1 def shield around 24 hours .. that is FAIR ENOUGH I think .. We can get more free posts, but if players still buy many def shields in just 1 - 2 second(s), then it is USELESS for others ..

Best regards,

Ya they are never anywhere besides on market for 4000+
Most of the true Merchant sellers for Def shields are with a lot of cash. More free posts just means more shields to buy and stockpile.
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