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new defender shield blacksmith


Authornew defender shield blacksmith
There should really be another one on the map because defender shield is impossible to buy from the factory for someone who has a slow internet connection. I want "empire" to do somthing about it because there are alot players complaining.

yup.......i also know that a lot of people complaining about this.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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or just double or triple the capacity it is just few sec. :)
one more defender shield blacksmith would be a good idea
bcoz it has good defense cheap and in demand by all players of lvl 4+
I am in the favour of setting up of this factory
agreed. although increasing its output based on demand would also be a good enough answer to the shortage problem. same goes for any other arts that are in high demand
You know what else is in high demand? A WII system. Has Nintendo increased output in the last year to meet demand? Nope. Just get it when you can.
Currently price on the market is more then 3800.
That's +20% of it's normal cost.
I'll try to grab one, but I am quite desperate.
you dont necessarily need a second one
If they inrease the spectrum of artifacts, the demand on defender shields will go down
Everyone needs a defender shield now, because they are pretty cheap and have 40 durability
Yep, definetly a problem..there are times during the day when there are no shields even on market..
Old story ... in real world some action would be taken:

1, Owner would raise the price because of great demand.
2, Owner would increase the output.
3, If the Owner of that facility did nothing, some other guy would set up a new facility.

But we are in situation, when just one subject(Empire) owns everything and it's impossible for him to watch all suply and demand and react with prices, frankly, the prices doesn't change at all. That's why I am really looking forward to the time, when players would be allowed to own facility. The "free market", am I right with this term? ;-)
Either that, or look into wearing other artifacts as an alternative. Defender shield is popular because it was cheap at 3300. At 3800gold+ however, I'm not so sure if it's still an ideal choice.

Maybe it's ironic that I'm saying this... seeing as I'm a 'trader' (nicer name to put it) who makes several thousand gold from reselling defender shields everyday.
I still think the price should go up at the facility
They should increase the max workers there
Its only 12...

and the log says that 20 shields are produced an hour, but at my first refresh there are only 7 left, and im always too late to buy some
Today, i tried 7!!! times to buy a shield, i only managed to buy 2 of them......
as soon as certain people are online (i wont give names, but everyone knows who i mean) then its 100% impossible to buy a shield
You have to divide the number from the log by the production time (in this case 3) and getting 2 of 7 is not that bad (I rarely get more).
...Excuse me, why everyone is after Defender shields?

Because it's one of the cheapest items to reach min AP at certain levels? But if you consider the extra price it costs because of rarity, then you'd as well wear a chain helmet or a hauberk. There, problem solved.
Next time you might want to do some calculation before you write such things, even if the defender shield cost 4500 it still has a better cost/AP ratio. The thing that actually gets more interesting is repairing.
I finally gave up sitting by the computer every end of shift in DefShieldBlacksmith and just buy on the market. I always got 1 of 10 attempts and I just don't have time for it. Last shield I bought from fusei :D

Defender shield is better then chain helmet or hauberk even for 5000 gold. Prices were last week about 3700, now at 3900 minimum, and this trend will continue, however it can take more time to get over 4000. It's just worth it, and who will calculate this will also buy it.
12. "I still think the price should go up at the facility "

Wont solve anything. Still be a shortage, still be sold for +600 at market. When they are avaliable at market, its kind of ok, but this rise of shield prices mean there will be none left even at market soon.
Whow, price go up faster than I thought, now cheapest defshield for 4295 gold! It is about 1000 more then facility. For those with quick, really quick connection great chance for big money.
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