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Reward for help!

AuthorReward for help!
I know there already had a topic about 40% shearing of loot from hunt, but there was some problems (if there are some wood/ore) and so on.
So I would suggest to put option hunt reward: when asking player could put ANY amount he are willing to pay helper.
Then the helper will see - i will get 100 (200...)gp for hunt assist, and may will join.

P.S. Hunt reward is optional option.
No one likes this idea?
i like your idea =D
Actually, it's nice. Those who share don't need to waste time on sending the gold, and those who don't share don't lose anything since this is optional.

Good idea.
i agree cos onces i helped in this hunt this person got both gold and artifact
i like it,im too lazy to transfer the gold lol
^^ Maybe can make Hunter Clan only for those who like to assist/share loot.
All members must share hunt loot percentage as clan rule :)
Same combat level can easily form/search strike partner.

i like it,im too lazy to transfer the gold lol
And between partner can make agreement to share every certain amount of hunt assists or sm else :P
this was the previous link.
to #8

I know but there was a problem if in hunt as a reward was ore or smth, so how you can share 40% of one ore? and it is too complected, i think to put reward option are better idea - and helper will exactly now how much he will gain from helping...

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Yes I agree and I know it is irritating...

Thanks for those who liked this idea
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