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Blacksmith Offer ^^ by RandhyTheDarks

AuthorBlacksmith Offer ^^ by RandhyTheDarks
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLACKSMITH OPEN NOW !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I offer repairing for non hunter arts for 10% of durabilities with ONLY 10% of repair cost. Send me a PM first then transfer the weapon with recall in 1 day, 0 combats and allow repairing with char name "RANDHYTHEDARKS" --> Do not forget the name <-- with price 1 gold ! Then transfer the repair cost to me and I will start repairing ur arts ! I will pay the 90% cost !

SPECIAL OFFER -> 30 % of repair cost for 1st place repair !

FREE REPAIR --> Hunter and master hunter arts only, the transfer way same with ordinary arts ! But after that do not send any gold for repair, but I will not say "NO" if u transfer me some gold for the repair cost ! For hunter and master hunter, I do not give any "SPECIAL OFFER"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE WEAPONS ENCHANTING !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The way to transfer the weapon still the same with repairing.
Then what elements u need :
Extra damage with earth magic 1% - Meteorite shard and Toadstool
Extra damage with air magic 1% - Windflower and Witch bloom
Extra damage with water magic 1% - Ice crystal and Viper venom
Extra damage with fire magic 1% - Fire crystal and Tiger's claw
Ignore target's defense 1% - Moonstone and Abrasive

The way to transfer the elements, just go to "https://www.lordswm.com/el_transfer.php"; then write char name "RANDHYTHEDARKS", then set 1 gold for the price then click the "TRANSFER TO RECEIVER'S DISPOSAL" !

REMEMBER --> I just enchant WEAPONS, not armors and jewels, so just send me the arts like swords, combat staff, dagger, etc. Will open the jewels and armors ASAP !

--> "If u are dissapointed then tell me, if u are satisfied then tell the others " <--

Best regards,

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Now !!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE ARMORS AND JEWELS ENCHANTING !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Available !!

The way to transfer the weapon still the same with repairing.
The elements u need :

1% decrease attack of charging stack- 1 moonstone 1 abrasive
1% fire magic shield - 1 fire crystal
1% air magic shield - 1 windflower
1% water magic shield - 1 ice crystal
1% earth magic shield - 1 meteorite shard

1%Nature magic spell efficiency 1 windflower 1 tiger's claw
1%Earth magic spell efficiency 1 meteorite shard 1 tiger's claw
1%Air magic spell efficiency 1 windflower 1 metiorite shard
1%Water magic spell efficiency 1 ice crystal 1 witch bloom
1%Fire magic spell efficiency 1 fire crystal 1 abrasive

For enchanting no "SPECIAL OFFER"

Best regards,

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