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add an RPG aspect to the game.

Authoradd an RPG aspect to the game.
Might and Magic also had a role playing game based on the same environment. In these games the player led a party of 4-6 through the land completing quests and saving damsels/gentlemen and defeating villans.

Purpose: Invent a browser friendly version of the RPG Might and Magic to add to the current content. This could be a way use our current characters in more depth and have some positive interaction between players. A non competative style RPG, a cooperative addition.


1. Browser friendly World Map.
2. RPG player/party interface.
with inventory, spells, gold, exp, skills, and
and especially quests completed and uncompleted.
3. RPG battle interface. Could be as simple as a
window with party members, monsters, battle
options and battle messages. Or could be as
complicated as a 2d or 3d battle map similar to
the current scheme.
4. NPCs with Quests. This too can be as simple as a
text message and a link to a quest. It could also
contain Towns, Caves, Ruins etc. with quest givers
that are part of a progression quest, a world wide
trouble where the player can help save the world.

An Alternative to an RPG party/quest mode would be a Campaign Mode similar to the Heroes Campaign mode, but that is really something else.
awsome idea
i agree, great idea
cool idea
nice lol
great! the hunts and battles are like getting boring
in russan server is quests and wery interestings
yea maybe 1 of those large worded quests in the ru server :D

wat?i used a translator :)
I'm sure we'll have text quests eventually :)
I hope so, very good thing, it could help to mantain this game interesting.
just hope it's not written announcement style or i wouldn't do a single 1(joking):D
gr8 idea.....another world filled with people giving quests,will help keep the game interesting and people will get bored of this game even less!!!!!!
we could have the tavern shifted there and rename it as the inn.over ther we could meeet with other players have a nice chat (while drinking the beer the inn keeper gives)

also we could play games with other players in the inn in another room (not only the tavern card game but other games like chess black jack etc)

we could have a castle where our queen( the administrator )can live with all the royal members(moderators).the castle could be in the grand capital

each city/town could have an inn of its own an have markets etc

this could be the city land while the empty land(although filled with monsters and damsels) could be a place for adventure(a place to start our quests).
there can be forests and deserts and all sorts of things......
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