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i think we should have a bank. There could be intrest rates and if u pay more gold u could upgrade ur bank account and have higher intrest rates. what do u guys think?
+1 but this would increase even more multi activites
nope. this would increase even more multi activites
i don't think you'll ever see any interest rates ;)
then maybe they should use kotrins multi idea and multi arnt allowed to use bank
i think the punishement for multi's should be harsher maybe then less people would have them
If you use this, it would make the rich people only more rich, and it would have no effect on the poor people since they cant even afford to buy a bank
u wouldnt buy a bank, u buy an account
We can earn more gold as we put in more money.
interest -> rich people get richer -> inflation -> bad for this game
how does people getting richer make inflation?
If some people do have more gold, then they can outbid all other players, so prices of the rare items will increase even more
but some people have more gold than others now how is anything going to change?
maybe Kasim is talking about "Federal Bank" which is owned by the empire only.
Ppl can make accounts there, store they money and get profit from the interest.

The bank will also capable to control inflation rate like it is in the real world. i like this idea, but somehow...i doubt the admin will rate this idea in high priority...
yes im talking about a bank under control of the empire sry i should have said that :P
I do understand it, but im against it
like i said before, the poor people wont get more gold, where the rich people only get richer
it's not about amount of gold someone have, but the value of the gold itself that is in danger.
with interest, people still get gold without enrolling. rich people can go on vacation, not log in for a few days and still get gold to cover their expenses for equipment. eventually more people will be rich. happy ending? no! the gold has lost it's value. everyone has a lot of gold, so they will hog onto all the item they need. will someone post defender shield in the market anymore by then? i don't think so, unless he is not from rich category. and he will sell than for a lot of money at a minimum twice the original price maybe.
how bout the bank give 1% gold everyday ... and u can buy it at lvl 6 .than make a guild like that... so the multis have to work hard to get it would it?
the bank wouldnt be giving 1000 gold per day or something it would be a very small sum of money. 18 i like the idea of buying it at level 6
define small please.
even 100 per day is still a lot as it is +-60 percent from the lowest wage in facility.
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