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Rent Market


AuthorRent Market
I like this idea, too
for 20:

Sellers can take back the art whenever they want to use? This is good but before someone rent it, if somebody rent the art, they can't take it back because they paid the golds:)

I think players can't sell arts here because this is a rent market, so sellers are not renters.
for 20 again:

Someone put arts to the rent market are able to decide the max battles that everyone can rent.

I think I write it in the beginning:) Good idea!
I would love to bump the topic because I totally agree with you 101%

Thank you. I think this a long time ago. Because everytime I want to rent some arts, I need to find it at the forum or ask my friends, these make troubles to me. So this idea has come out!:)

Anyone who has more ideas to improve this?
I've suggested it before, and it is a great idea. Saves plays a lot of wasted gold around tournament time. (its hard to find someone that will rent to you, especially quickly, and buying an art for 4 battles isn't cheap.)
The market now have "lots type" and "full durability".

But all these are useless on this rent market, because no direct sale and auction here and the arts can be full durability or don't:)
Do you know your renting price is cheap or not?

With this rent market, you can compare your price to other players easier!
It's a good idea because some players cannot afford to buy arts and have not got enough ap.
I strongly agree with this idea.

In fact I would like to expand it to TGI rentals. Right now the system is not secure.

I can see how it would be difficult to implement so here are my thoughts on the addition:

Parameters to be determined by the lot holder:

Initial cost (in gold, as frequently seen 20k or so) to be paid upon rental.

Time limit before reaching TG level 2. Usually seen 3-4 weeks at maximum.

Overdue daily rates, in the case of the player not reaching TG 2 in time allotted. This should be large to discourage slacking; as one should grind out the Caravans when renting an Invite. This is where it gets complicated. An amount of gold will be automatically deducted from the renting party each day after the Time limit until he or she reaches TG 2. They will continue to be charged until they reach a negative gold value... as one would losing a staked Tavern match after losing all their gold in roulette during the match. In the event that the renting party chooses to quit the TG guild because they cannot reach TG 2 in time; or in the event that they go negative in funds due to the overdue penalties, ALL gained experience, faction skill and TG skill points will be revoked... as well as any bonuses received from TG level 1 and their admission to the Thief's guild. Upon this final penalty the renter will have their Invite returned and will be allowed to keep all acquired payments up until that point. A Key point is that the renting party can choose to have this done if they feel they wont make TG 2 within the time limit set.

This will also prevent a player from starting the Thief Guild, and subsequently quitting the game all together... causing the renter to lose their Thief Invite.

Thief Art from TG level 2. Because this system provides security to the renter, there will be no way to ask for a 3rd or 4th Thief Art. Also, to prevent abuse, it will be mandatory that the first Thief Art be automatically transferred to the renter. This way one cannot quit the Thief guild when reaching TG 1 and doing it all over again just to get the arts.

One more very important rule: You will not be allowed to level up while renting a Thief Invite! It would work quite the same as not leveling after a tournament combat. You will gain earned levels after completing the terms of rental. This is to prevent major problems in the loss of experience upon termination of the rental whether it be automatically or by the renting party's decision. As of yet there hasn't been a need to work out a de-leveling scenario... and there should be no reason to with the way this works.

I hope that isn't too far-fetched or convoluted :)
Good idea! I'm throwing my vote for this
god idea
Forgot to say that at the rent market there should be "SETS RENTING" too .. like FULL HUNTER SET, or just Hunter Set etc .. that will be nice .. :)
for 33:

Yes, if there is a set, the set can put into one lot and not 9 lots.
also should be a custom sets ( +5 attack + 3 def +2 morale) costs 250 gp/battle
yes, I am thinking about this. If I have a set, but the arts are shop artifacts, I can put it into one lot to rent market.

But many players have their own set, the arts are different and it is almost impossible to find many same sets, so we can't compare the price to see which one is cheaper.

So anyone has idea to solve this problem?
any ideas about 36?
If you make your unique set then you make your own price. You can sum up the renting prices for each individual artifact in the set. No need to compare :)
Then it will be very confused if there are many different set in this rent market.
Really hope that there is a rent market, it is too difficult to bump it in forum:)
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