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Rent Market


AuthorRent Market
Looks like many players agree this idea!
good one...i like it
any more ideas or suggestion about this?
ya i suggested this a while ago but the thread kinda died...great idea!
With this rent market, players no need to post arts in forum and those who want to rent arts no need to find the arts hardly.
This will bring us a lot of convenient, since there are many players like to rent arts to other to gain golds:)
great! auto send when renting is out i good 2 =)
for arts it is good and easy to implement for the mods, for art sets it will be more difficult, especially if we talk about custom sets.

TGI invite system as earlier proposed is nearly impossible to implement and i would tell the admins to not even consider this.

So arts renting yes, implement it soon, from my knowledge it will not take more then 2 weeks to write that code, but i understand if they are busy and have no time to do it.

custom sets, make it for future versions, tgi invite do not implement this, is a waste of time.
I agree

Way to much insecurity in the rent market. To little information makes it hard to figure out if an offer is good.
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