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Suggestions for Market system

AuthorSuggestions for Market system
I'm still relatively new here, but I can already see that the Market system as we have it, needs some work, so here are some suggestions.

1. Civilian Skills

I think when you first create a character, you should be able to choose a civilian skill like foraging, woodcutting, stone masonry, etc. These skills will be related to basic resources (for some skills, more basic resource types will need to be created. For example: Foraging could be foraging one or two main ingredients that go into mana and oblivion potions). A person could build up their one item and then trade it or sell it those who can't build the items themselves.

2. Limit market viewability.

What I mean by this, is that at Lvl 3 you can build your market and be able to trade, but if one were to look at the market, they are completely inundated by offers, and of course the cheapest prices are seen at top, leaving everyone else to hope that someone either wants to scroll all the way down or that the person lacks brains and buys the more expensive offer anyway.

BUT. I proprose that people can only see a certain amount of the market based on their market level only, or maybe faction level (admins can figure out the details, im just throwing out examples) This in effect, creates a mini market, within the larger market.. for example:

You are lvl 3, and you are limited to a certain number of offers. You only see 3 or so items. The lowest is 1k,
you buy it. However, the Lvl 7 marketer can see what the lvl 3 sees, and more. He sees that 1k is not the lowest price, and so, buys the 900 gold item. He can also sell this item at the 1k price and thus make a profit.

3. Make resources not buyable at production facilities, only make it possible to sell.

That way people will have to look to the market to buy items, and reserve only labor (and selling) at the production facilities, thus putting more gold in players' hands.

4. Remove minimum AP limits for combat.

I realize this was an attempt to stimulate the market by forcing players to buy items, but it seems counterproductive to me, especially when you're newly lvl 5 and caught offguard by the sudden requirement and you had spent all your gold on other things. Besides, if a new lvl 5 goes into combat and gets their arse handed to them time after time, they will eventually want to buy better items. From my perspective as a new player, the AP wall was a put-off since it pretty much eliminated the hunts as a source of income for the time being.

5. Increase Supply of Items

Let's take the Defender Shield for an example. Now I've noticed that anything lvl 3 and above is generally never in stock, at least in the shops.. but I propose this.. allow players to circumvent this problem by gaining the necessary ingredients and gold, and going to an Ironworks or Forge, inputting the items, and waiting 2 hours or so, and voila! You receive your precious Defender Shield without having to wait in line, so to speak, waiting anxiously to outclick everyone else vying for the same item.

You could probably even implement a delivery service. Say you input the items, and then you get an estimate on time of delivery, and then when that time comes around, you're visited by some caravan or delivery person who gives you the item. I know that some people will want their shields right away, but then I would say, just plan ahead. You start getting low on durability, you can either get it repaired or submit for delivery of a new shield by the time the first one wears out.

6. Do the Work, Get the Reward.

What I mean is that when mining an item, if you put in the time you should be able to choose to either get your wages in gold or the equivalent of the item itself up to a certain limit of course, because the production facilities need their stuff too.

That's all I got. Feel free to respond guys, but please, only constructive criticism.

Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Ideas and suggestions".
Whoops. sorry guys, meant to put it here.
2. Limit market viewability.
Very evil. Esp. for newbies.
3. Make resources not buyable at production facilities, only make it possible to sell.
And how would traders get them in 1st place? :)
4. Remove minimum AP limits for combat.
Won't happen.
5. Increase Supply of Items
What's wrong with item supply? Everything that's not on the map is either in the shop or on the market. Even such rarities like Cape of Fire :)

1. Civilian Skills
6. Do the Work, Get the Reward.


And last but nt least:
Even such rarities like Cape of Fire :)
thats a lie show me one cape of fire for sale and yor idea is good needs someone clean but nice
I really dont understand how can you possibly get those suggestions with an empty transfer log? Have you ever sold or bought something with some other character?

1.Kotrin had a great topic(maybe only a large post) about possible secondary abilities.
2.Is this meant to increase the numbers of market scammers?
3.I dont understand.
4. ...
5.The numbers were increased, the shield prices are going down to normal.
What you mean by delivery service? Some medieval version of UPC? This game is a simulation of historical fantasy. I dont see knights and demons using eBay delivery service.
6. ...
... = already there many times/solved/maybe introduced later(6.part of production)
2. Limit market viewability.
Very evil. Esp. for newbies.

Not necessarily. If people play long enough here, they will know what's fair and unfair. Not to mention that you get enough rewards from the tutorial to at least last until lvl 3, by that time, you're not a newbie. Trust me, it works, other games have implemented this idea, it's just a matter of having to upgrade your market to get all the best deals. Besides you get enough rewards from leveling the first couple times to cover the basic castle constructions, etc.

"And how would traders get them in 1st place? :)"

Well. if and when the first suggestion is implemented, you get a particular item from your civilian skill (or non-combat)and then you sell it on the market, you wouldn't need to buy it from the production facilities themselves, otherwise, you trade for what you need. If you sell your items to the facilities you can earn the money to also buy it on the market.

4."Won't happen."

Why so terse? Explain. What is the reason behind the AP min requirement then?

5. What's wrong with supply?

Nothing from lvl 1 to 2. Lvl 3 and above, however, is insanity. Everything in the shop is almost perpetually at 0. Like I said, you can either increase the output of the production facilities, or allow players to get a guaranteed item through a delivery service of some kind without having to outcompete the other mouseclicking vultures hovering around every 20 minutes. Also, some of the items, like the Defender Shield, are just too good for their prices. I mean, look at the durability... Defender Shield has +3 defense and 40 durability., at 1500 gold or something (i dont know, and i dont want to click back and check), then next shield, Dragon Shield, is the SAME durability and the only thing better about it is a +1 attack, which most people would gladly trade off for the much cheaper price and same defense as the Defender Shield.
Cape of Fire was availiable for sale on market when I checked, and is even now possible to buy in trade forum. Just because it's not hanging on market 24/7 doesn't mean it's N/A. But I'll edit that sentence to avoid confusion:

Everything that's not on the map is either in the shop, on the market or in one of sections of Trade forum.

BTW, Triam requested constructive criticism.

I appreciate your responses.

1. I will look at Kotrin's ideas.
2. Ah. Tell me a market where there isnt some kind of scamming going on. Where you see "scamming," I see "making a profit". Yes, people will get scalped sometimes, but like anything else, you learn the market and you wise up to it.
3. See my reply to Shebali, maybe that will help. Otherwise, tell me what you don't get and I will try to explain it.
4 ... (I'm guessing you have nothing to say for this.)
5. (I think you mean UPS) but anyways, no, not ebay or UPS, but caravan traders of course. And yes, it's based on medieval style but would you imagine demons and dark elves standing in line at a production facility waiting for the next rare item to come out for sale like it's the new iPod??? No, if true to character, they would generally just take what they want by killing and plundering. The realism can only go so far, it is ok to take certain liberties. I could go on and on about certain unrealistic things in this game, but that is another topic.

6. Yeah, Shebali brought it to my attention.
If people play long enough here, they will know what's fair and unfair.
So, let's take advantage of newbies? Pardon my lack of enthusiasm...
by [level 3] you're not a newbie
You'd be surprised at the level of newbies these days.
What is the reason behind the AP min requirement then?
Reviving economy. And it worked, too.
Everything in the shop is almost perpetually at 0
Any item that's sold on the map is N/A in shop. It's a feature, not a bug. Non-produced artifacts are restocked regularly, what's not on map or shop is on market (with the exeption of a certain cloack that can be wound on Trade forum)
Dragon shield gives +1 attack +1 Defence and has 30 durability points more compared to defender shield. Not that it matters much. Def shield is easy to buy on map and not much more expensive on market. Again, I fail to see the problem of supply.

I wish you read local rules before creating the topic. You would've saved yourself much work.
+10 That is Dragon shield gives +1 attack +1 Defence more than Defender shield and has 30 durability points more.
To avoid misunderstanding.
Defender shield production was raised recently because it went higher than 5500 gold per piece at market. And it was still not enough of them.
About the restocking..whats with the cape of fire(or is it called cape of flames?) anyway? I have never seen that thing.
Yes I meant the UPS, delivery service anyway, I really dont know. Pack of wolf riders screaming, please "sign this here and here, Thank you, have a nice day".
4.AP rule = dozens of topics, just choose and be sad for a short time. :-)
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