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We should have new ways to earn money and fast because some of us players dont have enought money.

For new creatuers i would sugest we get a new faction i dont know what but i would think a dragon faction a faction with only dragon people.

For arts i think they should cost less because agian with the money, not enought money to buy arts. I would sugest we get some newer arts like the sword of luck, somthin like that it would be a sword with luck.

For some game changes i think we should start at lvl 1 but with some cash.
I think we should also take the idea of ap points of because once agian not enought money to buy arts and lvl 5 and 6 ap points cost alot for us to get becayse we lvl 6 and 5 are ineed of money.(most of us)
I thinl you should read IaS local rules before creating a topic.
Here they are:

No one ever has enogh money. Here are some good tips on how to make them:
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