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Turn counter

AuthorTurn counter
As most of players know that after every 10th turn creatures in hunts pick up a speed by +1.
So it would be good idea to put on top turn counter, other wise i need to count myself and sometime i miss the 10th turn so loose the battle only because of that:
Turn: "xx"
Also it would be interesting how many turns are used in group battles, and so on.

What do you think?
I agree. Sounds great.
me like it :)
i also agree.
maybe part of the challenge of the game is to remember what turn it is =)

or else i can suggest how about an indicator that tells you whether that creature has retaliated or not?
or how about a sign that shows you where each creature died so people who want to raise dead don't have to remember where their main stack died?

but i like the idea because i'm one that always fails those 'challenges'. :P
i also liked this idea..:)
me like it :)
I agree. Sounds great.
I agree, good idea :)
Thank you to all who posted they view about this idea and looks like everyone likes it :)
I hope some day admins will bring in game this idea :)
As most of players know that after every 10th turn creatures in hunts pick up a speed by +1
Is there any situation else when turn counter would be useful?
This make battles easyer. I think this is not so fair for those who lerned to count this terns. It was not easy to lern, every battle - new numbers, etc. No need in decreasing difficulty of the battles.
Sounds great.
to #12
LOL it is easy to count - each time hero take turn it is one turn...
and it is stupid to count on fingers turns, and if you do 2v1 hunt then it is distracting chat option... you just count... i do not like now without turn counter...
8 2009-02-19 11:03:24

I agree. Sounds great
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