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There should be a place were you can veiw clans.
I know that there's the clan forum but sometimes you don't like what you find like the smaller clans with not many people.
Seeing as they are designated a serial number, why not list them starting at number 1?
I'm afraid there is no number 1 clan :D
Anyway, good idea.
Then can it be applied maybe :D
maybe start from newest

And have search engine to find certain clan or clan #
i also liked this idea!!!!!
#4 I've always wondered what clan got the space of 1... I guess now I know. :)

btw, I like the idea.
Clan numbers start from 100.
So just go to https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7100
and then keep changing number :P
@9: Yeah, that's really comfortable. :P

A simply site with all clans (maybe with number of members and balance) would be enough to me. For more interactivity there could be a short description clan leaders could fill out.
for LordSchniesel:
You're thinking something like


Well, these ones are player-made raitings. If someone feels like making them for .com I'm sure no one would mind :)
Ya like a guild of heroes format
the .com of http://guildofheroes.ru/clans.php
Would do guys think how bout we make it happen
Would do guys think how bout we make it happen
Hah this reminds me of many times in RL. "Guys I really want this thing, how about WE (meaning YOU) make it happen". Then when you do make it happen the swine wants to take the credit "It was MY idea" :P
No offense, plz.
Mostly admins doing it no one else can
What do ya say admins let's make it happen let's make a .com version
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