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Improvement of Monster Talk

AuthorImprovement of Monster Talk

I was looking at my friend's battle, and I saw that the demons swore. Ok, the words are abbreviated or changed, but still, using these words in a game is unsuitable and unhealthy for a game for all ages. I suggest the admin change the words into something more suitable.

Good idea, 'cept that monsters repeat aftr players. So an even better idea would be for people to stop swearing.
nice idea man..:)
Shebali is right people should stop swearing and saying bad words but also even if they stop it the monsters will still talk in a silly way so i was thinking how about making every unit have its own combat sentences like when swordsmen attack they say Charge! or when they die they say I admit defeat you win and something like that and they can have 4 or 5 sentences so they shouldn't repeat the sentence again and again and those sentences can be included also in pvp so your monsters can talk not only neutrals
include things like:

"For the empire!"

"rush their defenses!"

"Block their rangers!"

"For Elrath!"

"Master... I have failed you"

"Avenge me, brothers!"

faction specific, of course for some comments (necros don't believe in elrath :P)
well maybe there should be a long predefined list of things creatures can say, and not repeat the things players are saying
for kornuletz:

u are right..:)
Predefined list is boring :P Right now you can get some really funny comments from creatures, even funnier considering they are (mostly) random.
well i do like predefined list after all we are battling not sitting and chatting with them but they might include new sentences every now and then so it doesn't become boring
Erm, maybe the 'best of both worlds' would be good here. 50% chance that monsters say something random (like now) or 50% chance that they say something predefined.

Yay, problem solved. :)
yeah i also think that predefined list is boring. although we are not chatting with the monsters, but it's really funny when the monsters blurt out weird comments. it actually adds some fun to combat.

if it's predefined, then after a few battles, we'll be seeing the same old comments over and over again. BORING.
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