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what i was thinking was that we could controll the creatures it just wouldn't show are chars becuz no offense to hunt creatures but they are stupid and the gold that the people r suppost to get and they lose u get the money its a little like amubushing

What? O_o
i guess you mean that we could play neutral creatures, without heros.

please - english doesn't seem to be our both first language - but interpunktion is also known in other languages and makes understandig a lot easier...
i will type better i am ralking bout what #3 said we could play them and experience what 60 speed feels like
lol that would be a hunter's biggest nightmare!
yea it would be more challeniging
techy [7] - Demon
Hunters' guild: 3 (301.70) +98.3

Hunt more and you will get your challenge!!!
if creatures become smarter, then the current top hunters list is impossible to beat
Imagine this;
you are trying to fight 15 000 zombies with 2 stacks of 65 sprites
Then the zombies (with speed only 5) walk to the middle of the map...
and boom, you lost...
or rogues, that only move 2 squares forward, instead of 7, to attack the next turn,
2 dumb hydras that are blocking each other, will now move backwards so the other can attack
If creatures become stronger, the amount of creatures shouldnt be increased with 30% but with like 10%
techy [7] - Demon
Hunters' guild: 3 (301.70) +98.3

Hunt more and you will get your challenge!!!
i am doing thief thank u very much!!
If you think hunts are so easy how come you don't hold every record yet :/
And if you're tired of 'stupid creatures' welcome to PvP.

Just because _you_ have it ridiculously easy doesn't mean all of us do.

AI is being improved constantly, and certain posts on forum confirm it.
This idea won't be implemented anyway.
closed by Shebali (2009-03-02 08:18:03)
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