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Angles of Attacks

AuthorAngles of Attacks
I was just wondering if there was any type of strategy to doing more damage depending on what angle you attack from. Like if one person attacked from top and then another from bottom if one would do more damage because of position or just because it was the opposite direction, like a surrounding. If not, it could be something to look into adding.
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nice one...would be good...at begining i attacked from different angles and thought i did more dmg...
Well, attacking from behind (backstabbing) dealing more damage than a front attack does make sense. The surplus shouldn't be dramatically big though, or else group combats would become a mess with teammates fighting for a position behind the victim like a bunch of maniacs :S

But in fact, positioning around the target has never been considered any factor of importance in Heroes game series, and afaik the developers haven't been thinking about introducing this here. Let's see how many opinions we get on this subject.
I think combat system is complicated enough w/o this feature.
Besides, there's no real backstabing here, since units always turn to face each other :P
they could be suprised :P just an idea...
since units always turn to face each other :P
not always :P ive seen it a few times in ambushes, that they were back to back with each other :P

and on-topic
So if this will be implented, then we can also choose to which side our units are facing? and with the ranged units? they are always in the last line, how can they shoot someone in the back :P ?
If You guys havent recognise that the left players heads right and vice versa so they cant change their directions so....this is pathetic
I don't know whether it can be a good or a bad thing.

I like the idea very much, but the fact is that units with lowest ini would lose of their interest, because of high ini units that would be able to move and then directly hit from the back. before that low ini unit can move.

Maybe it's just a matter of balancing that developers will have to deal with.
they can make a special ability of it, so its only for a few units
I didn't actually mean something like backstabbing, I meant more for if you already have someone on the left, and then attack from the right and did a little more damage than usual because you already attacked from the left. Sort of a bonus damage because the person is surrounded.
if any of you have played tactics arena online
you will notice the suggestion seems based on that
and i think its a great idea
It kinda makes sense though, because if you are fighting someone, you are facing them, so if someone came from the opposite side and attacked, they would be attacking your back.
However, I think there would have to be an exception for if you killed the whole stack because you wouldn't be occupied and could face the other person.
How can you possibly use backstab at armies? When 50 knights on horses attack stack of 300 bowmen, dont you think they would have time to turn and face them? In this game we are not talking about 1 one 1 battles, but armies(little ones, but still).
Sure they're armies, but you can attack from both sides of an army and get an advantage. Because it would be two armies attacking from both sides. Once again, it would still make sense that you would get some sort of benefit even though they aren't single one on one battles.
Maybe to git a bonus you have to have a larger stack after the first attack. If you had a larger army, it would keep the attention of the smaller one while another attacked from behind.
I think this advantage is already there in the form of taking retal and the skills assault and pack attack.
That's true. I never really thought of that. Then maybe they could add in different types of terrain where you have advantages, like in fire emblem ...
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