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Redo tournaments

AuthorRedo tournaments
I presume that more kind of tournaments are being created... It would be great to have new tournaments.
However, I would also like it if the existing tournaments started another round. So that we can have a tournament without waiting for the programing to be finished...
not going 2 happen
nah. otherwise it would mean the stronger people always win the prize and everybody level's too fast.
You can always petition to hold a tournament, or get your Clan to hold one. You (or your Clan) just need to prove you have the resources to do it.

Tournament Forum Rule 4:
4) If a player wants to organize a custom tournament, he or she should contact the Administration or post in "Custom tournament applications" thread prior to opening a topic. If the tournament is authorized, it is possible to create the tournament topic. Please limit the amount of topics to one per custom tournament.
4a) Take note that no custom tournaments will be held while there is an official one.
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