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being able to market while traveling


Authorbeing able to market while traveling
I agree with the suggestion but do you need to bump it? Every topic that contains posts like "up","bump" and ^ loses its importance.
Bringing the topic past others which are locked or just plain stupid is the reason to bump. Who else feels that email and spamming the forum are ok while traveling but would rather be buying and selling?
absolutely right.we should travel instaneously
this is a free browser game and as such 2-3 min traveling is something common. traveling time could be decreased in the future by talents/awards/attributes/feats(like logistics) or diamonds.

the point of the topic is not weather we should travel instantly or not but to do something sensible while traveling.
i agree there is no need of traveling.
i think there shoud just be a main place and u can just select all the other places to work
i think there should be also a marketplace without prices and u can just select the arts you need to wear.

oh and btw, how'bout an "instant win" button next to "wait" and "defend"?
OK Anyone saying travel time is unnecessary is wrong.

I suggest during the travel stint we could buy and sell and look at the market.

This will reduce roulette and unnecessary forum spam etc...

And if we are ambused, then the text goes red like when in forum and mail?
maybe the only exception are those love to stare at a single static screen for a couple of minutes xD). I do =)
yeah, while in a combat we can go to the market too =P seriously, when u're in a battle, is it kind of funny going to market?
^^get lost Terence! You can go to market! You miss the point as usual...^^

Even if you are the post owner, you have to respect everyone posting in here.

I actually dont care about travelling, or maket while travelling. So I say I agree with it since some people really wish to have it done. I usually go to forums and get some interesting informations which is a bit more intelligent, imho, to do then market.

Im for updates, if that brings updates, then go for it
This will benefit traders or "lords of money". The game could be called "Warlords and Traders" but I digress.

Any trouble makers will be reponded to... or not lol

Anyhow, Dan good you wish to please the other players of the game! Me too!
Terence! Dont say that wrod, its a nameof a person!
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