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being able to market while traveling


Authorbeing able to market while traveling

because you have to move distances with your hero in HoMMV, and there's also logistics talents to make traveling more effective, traveling is a strategic key.

returning on topic

I agree. we should be able to at least be able to see what's on the market when we travel.
Great, many supporters. Anyone else?
I agree also
this suggestion needs more support
bump 4 encore..
aye, i agree with ya +1
i agree also,
If no market when travel, then also need to suspend roulette, forum and so on.

Tell me how you can play roulette while traveling? use laptop and play online? And how you can post or read announcements posted on city`s information desk? (the forum)
Agree, bump
Yeah, I guess it would be a good idea if we are talking about the market. I mean, I doesn't matter where the person selling the goods is and where the person buying the goods is, so why should it matter at what time we do it? I mean how does someone at yellow lake know that someon one at silent hill is selling this and place a bid on it in the first place. Sounds like a laptop to me.
Sounds like a laptop to me.

Traveling traders have spread the word that a great auction is being held in Silent Hill and the famous general Lucid-Naz have sent his messenger to deliver a message. Rumours say that the messenger will soon arrive and does have his lords aproval to bid in the auction in his name. :-)
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let me get this straight

in battle and travel you can't access some of the sites.in a battle and travel are the same in battle and travel.they are linked together.

-private mail
-char page

and it will be illegal to have going to the market while battle

"in a battle and travel are the same in battle and travel."

Sry i meant in a battle and travel are very securitive especially when
Travels are linked to a fight

-etc or whatsoever


huh 38,39 make no sense...

bump and lets think how much more trade will be fun if we can while traveling.
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