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Talent Wheel Changes


AuthorTalent Wheel Changes
If you have an idea, suggest it.

Why do you want to change the talents in the first place, I don't see that any race is at a major advantage or disadvantage as it is now.
21: Huge amounts of people in all the online games i have played over the years always complain about the status quo and blame the admins' / game creators choices for their incompetence to adapt... There is no reason why this would be different. You will see a lot of people complaining that, for example, " Dark Elves are overpowered and they need to lose X and Y abilities to become balanced, yet none of those has ever changed to Dark Elf to enjoy being the superpower Dark Elves claim to be. "

Talents are fine the way they are now, if people seriously think that faction X has better talents then switch to faction X and start beating everyone instead of asking continuously for changes!

Can now us wizards finally get battle fury?!!
for Jabbar:
Can now us wizards finally get battle fury?!!
you will be so stronge

and if the admin accept this idea they should put 15 point for each of the offrence talent
there is another prob for wizards n that is the cost of talent points for wizards are higher then other factions.n the chaos magic for 12 points each.
I just want to make it clear for everyone : Talent Wheel is still in Beta Test as far as I know. So ideas of changes are still welcomed by the admin, as in Beta rule for improving the game. If you guys have even played any Beta test, you should know that it meant to receives some ideas and susggestions about changing stuff.

This is no complain, Im trying to make the game more enjoyable for all. Not increasing any faction or make another faction out of balance. Those are only suggestion, dicuss with other players. (Yeah I did not though of them all alone) So please, before jumping to conclusion, think a bit.

Thanks for all who have post so far, dont forget to stay on topic (Talent Wheel Changes)
Elves Need Attack Its Their Trademark
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // By own will]

Im trying to make the game more enjoyable for all.

By removing Luck from Elf ? (your #12 post)
I can assure you, I won't enjoy it =)
i agree with the postz #1, however every faction has all talents unlocked in homm v, even the leadership at necro(sometimes was using it to get the herald of death or something like that), but your wheels seem good to me too, agree with it totaly
for h4nd:

He wasnt askign to remove it but add it to every faction. Necro's arent affected by morale so the only + they have is luck yet them and wizards are the only ones without luck. ?!?!
for MasterTI:

Check post #12 =)
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // By own will]

Please Reread all post before putting words in my mouth again. Thanks
And you are not too contributive to the subject. Please give ideas if you have some. The first post is my suggestion, everything else is answer to someoneelse comment.

As far as I know, a discussion is also contributive to the subject.

IMO, "Favoured Enemy" is not redundant with Luck. They are different. And please read again : https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38

My idea? Just leave the talent wheel alone =)
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // By own will]
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // By own will]
Since you looklike not reading my post.

First off, do you see anywhere on my suggestion that I wanted to remove Luck from Elven Faction ?

2. Luck Talent Section for Each Faction.
Luck is everywhere, why should some faction cant have it ?

3. Add/Remove Talent Section so each faction as the same number of section. I would suggest 6 and what I see should be changed.
- Knight (has 7) Remove Dark Magic (No one use it, at least as far as I know)
- Necromancer (has 5) Add Luck Section
- Barbarian (has 4) Introduce Warcries (Offense and Defense)
- Elven (has 7) Remove Offense (Always been a Pacific Faction)
- Dark Elves (has 7) No sure between Sorcery or Knowledge
- Wizard (has 5) Add Luck Section
- Demon (has 6) No changes.


Second, heres post #11 and #12, they go all together.

fusei said : Wizards can improve their luck with mini-arts, that's their way of getting luck, no need for an additional luck section.

My reply to fusei : In that way, should we remove Luck from Elven Faction, they already have Critical Hit from Racial Skill !? They dont need more


Finally, Ill repeat it, the only post where my suggestion are to be taken of, are the first post. All other are answers to comment people made.
You still haven't answered the question why your suggestions mean any improvement to the current situation though.
In my eyes the talents are balanced as they are and making changes could destroy this balance.
I would like to have more possitilities for all faction.
So far theres two factions only based on Magic (Necro and Wizard)
4 factions with Might and Magic
1 faction only Might

I just want to add more choice, different possible build. More fun to play.

Right now Im suggesting 6 sections, but I would like to have all section open like in Heroes of Might and Magic 5
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