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damage taking also gives xp

Authordamage taking also gives xp
I think damage taking also should result in receiving xp.
I'm tired of always having to fight two characters in 3 vs 3, take ALL the dmg and do ALL the job, but still not getting as much xp as i deserve...
Im not saying that okey lets all suicide and get more xp, im saying it should be taken account for.

[Player banned by moderator Zyanya until 2009-03-31 12:39:20 // IaS local rule part 8; please read them before creating topics.]
sorry for double posting....
but if you think of it it would also result in more game, cause people wouldnt just stand there waiting for someone to make the first move.
good idea coz i once did a 3-3 and we won because a knight on my team stood on vampires and got like no exp compared to me and my 3rd partner
i agree
agree :)
In my eyes experience for damage taken would prefer factions that have more health points and players who blindly charge the enemy instead of trying to conserve their troops.

And I think it is forbidden to make topics that suggest to change the experience point formula.
yes but the experience would be balanced between damage given and taken

O.o i didnt know it was forbidden :s
its good as it is because if you charge the enemy without using stratrgy or brains, you can get much xp :|
Oops i ment: its good as it is, but if damage taken come in the game you can charge the enemy without using stratrgy or brains, you can get much xp :|

You should get much damage dealt and less damage taken because for that you need strategy. A little damage dealt and much taking is noob-like, one of the worst ideas ever!
8. It is forbidden to create topics with suggestions of changing the experience/skill points award formulas.
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