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Arts level 7

AuthorArts level 7
What are some cheap but efficient art combs for level 7? Both min art and full art. And they should focus on spell power and defence.
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Defenders shield+Cape of spirits + reprisal sword
Combat staff+Wizard cap(or Hat of knowledge)+ Amulet of luck+Hauberk+ defenders shield+steel boots+2 Ring of Impetuositys+Cape of spirits for a full arts set is very efficent
For sry: Whats wrong with bumping a topic thats 2 days old? PLUS there is nothing against bumping in the stickied rules.

3: Ahh yeah, but isn't cap cheaper than cloak?
4: Thanks!
for hiddenshadow:

I ask apology for that.I did while I was sleeepy >.<
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