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Topic Date
Author Last message
What's "Initiative"? Read to learn05.28, 00:3429#4201Arctic09.20, 08:02, by Lord havok
Dictionary of game slang, abbreviations, special terms05.10, 10:561Empire05.10, 10:56, by Empire
Newbie Guide11.22, 04:366#4201Arctic11.22, 04:39, by #4201Arctic
F.A.Q. on Diamonds and Donations01.29, 07:211Dealer01.29, 07:21, by Dealer
F.A.Q. Read before posting your question. [Updated 01May2017]05.10, 10:0110Empire05.10, 10:05, by Empire
Readme first! Local Rules11.09, 14:591Empire11.09, 14:59, by Empire
[CL7] Portal of Time: creature captures05.08, 23:342Diagnosis05.08, 23:58, by #928kchong
Watchers Guild too difficult05.08, 20:404FookMySelf05.08, 21:30, by Acean
Unable to build Avengers Guild as a level 4 elf05.07, 07:244Kai Sa05.08, 21:03, by Sylin
How many extra AP can you get from using donation arts?05.08, 16:263#7490King_Luigi05.08, 19:00, by Sylin
Can't you sort your items in to different sections?05.08, 12:513Walja05.08, 13:16, by Walja
PvP battles faction matchup statistics05.08, 02:333#7705virtual_vitrea05.08, 06:22, by #7705virtual_vitrea
lvl 11 pvp elf05.07, 00:1411#10803Fallenmoron05.08, 00:13, by #10803Fallenmoron
WG discussion05.07, 16:466#10803Fallenmoron05.07, 18:14, by #7490slayerofall
What are thunderheads?05.07, 02:153#823bp9905.07, 05:27, by #823bp99
Charmer elf help05.07, 01:003#10803Fallenmoron05.07, 02:13, by Acean
New feature05.06, 19:124#9595uio05.07, 00:34, by #7490slayerofall
How to delete photos and photoalbums05.05, 20:554#7705Elrond05.06, 09:32, by #7705Elrond
Secret scroll of calling05.05, 00:193#7705Purgatory05.05, 02:20, by #7705Purgatory
AG questions05.02, 21:4627Angel of Death05.04, 17:20, by #7490slayerofall
Where do I add a relative.. a brother or sister ?04.30, 20:245smeu05.02, 02:22, by smeu
Best factions for TG05.01, 14:178Angel of Death05.01, 23:37, by Acean
Strange search suggestions on Forum Search04.30, 15:5812#7705virtual_vitrea04.30, 18:08, by #7705virtual_vitrea
Question regarding additional character04.28, 08:0011Wolfie04.30, 17:45, by Wolfie
Heaven bow04.29, 19:172#9595bobsrevenge99904.29, 19:34, by #7490rikudosennin
How to report cheating?04.29, 17:385MarineBiologist04.29, 18:34, by Acean
MG monster and raid quests04.28, 08:466#7490slayerofall04.28, 20:28, by #7490slayerofall
Account Locked - KingoChennai04.28, 07:132TempKing04.28, 08:34, by #928kchong
instant repair smithing services04.27, 01:012#7490slayerofall04.27, 11:08, by #7705Meshy
Shares04.26, 22:585Angel of Death04.27, 09:35, by Angel of Death

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